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It’s Hard. Do It Anyway.

Running a martial arts business is not easy.

All successful business owners have a belief that success is supposed to be hard but they do it anyway.

If it’s painful, they know they are on the right path.

If they are fearful or afraid, they know they’re on the right path.

They use fear, pain, and challenging tasks as their fuel.

They do not let discouragement set in when it becomes difficult, or it seems impossible; they expect it to be impossible, and they do it anyway.

Today, let your mindset be this. It’s impossible but so what? Get it done anyways and just do the work.

Successful business owners also know that they can make some things easier.

That is why Spark software has been created so that we can lighten the load on some things.

You see, we believe that every true martial arts instructor deserves success, and not struggle.

Things like prospect follow-up, collecting payments, keeping our students organized, communicating quickly, and making rank tests super easy to run.

You know… things we have to do, but find it eats up a lot of our time and a lot of our energy.

So while running a martial arts business requires a ton of passion and hard work, there are some things we can organize and automate so we can work harder on other essential tasks.

It takes true commitment and discipline

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, keep working hard, and automate some things to give you leverage to grow.

I think they call that working hard and working smart.

Here are some things you can automate right now…

  • Past due payments
  • Renewals
  • Attendance tracking
  • Sales
  • New trial appointments

Keep working hard, also look at how you can work smarter too.

You deserve success.

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3 Tips On Leveling Up Your School

Leveling up your martial arts school doesn’t really have to be hard, you just need to optimize and make sure that every aspect of your business accommodates the leads and the customers. 

Here’s the first part of how you can level up your school: 

  1. Aesthetics

The number one thing you noticed when you walk into a martial arts school is the smell. Always make sure to make your school a nice place to be. Make sure that when someone comes into your school, their subconscious minds say that your school is clean, it smells good and the ambiance is bright.

Imagine a person walking into your school and what they first notice is the smell of foot, or sweat it will automatically register in the subconscious mind negatively. 

Even though you are really accommodating to their needs but they’ll still not feel right about their experience because of the ambiance of your school.

This is our tip for you, invite a friend that has never been to your school then ask them to your site’s smell and sound.

  1. Digital Marketing

The marketing games have been extremely challenging. In this era, it’s important to connect with potential customers on the world wide web.

  1. Automated marketing

To make your school successful, you need to do the following: Generate leads, make them an offer, set them an appointment, and have them show up, enroll, attend classes, then upgrade or renew the membership then we’ll get referrals — all of these can be automated. 

This is a necessity especially when people opt-in to your website you would never want the relationship to end. 

Are you struggling with how to market and grow your martial arts school? 

Download this FREE martial arts marketing guide to help you fully book with students. 

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Create A Belief System In Your School

During the pandemic, 40% of our school industry shakes out. 

And if you have survived and your school is still open it means your market share shoots up. 

Our market share is expanding, that’s why our industry is thriving right now. 

We have the opportunity to tremendously expand our industry into our community and create value.

Martial arts is such a passionate industry – we change lives and impact our people.

In the martial arts industry, it’s all about culture – it will either make or break you. 

We have to instill that kicking and punching are there for a greater cause and you have to create a culture in your school that it is there to change lives. 

That your school is in a self-improvement industry. 

to start a developing belief system for school in martial arts, treat your school as a sanctuary to empower people. 

in developing belief system for school, You must show that you are a leader in your school, your staffs are your leaders and your role is to create an impact on your community. 

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Culture Is Having a Purpose-Driven Martial Arts Academy

Let’s talk about the upgrade program, which is very crucial in your school. 

Having an upgrade program is vital to your success. An upgrade is where your school gets a tremendous amount of revenue, but in order for you to have an upgrade program, you have to have a culture. 

There are so many definitions of culture, it is such a subjective word.

Culture is having a purpose-driven martial arts academy. The philosophy of martial arts is clearly understandable, it is part of the academy’s belief system and you as martial artists understand the core values of what you’re teaching 

Having a purpose-driven culture allows you to have a destination-oriented course in your school – not 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 

Then, you can start laying out the system of upgrading your students towards blackbelt one day in your academy that reinforces values, instills confidence, increases focus, and promotes family morals. 

Another most important thing you have to set up in your culture is also how this upgrade program depreciates from the current program.

Keep in mind that when we talk about upgrade it means a better experience for your students and more money for you as a school owner, so don’t discount your upgrade program. 

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Set a Realistic Goal for Yourself

I wish you enough growth to know that you are capable enough not just as a martial artist but also as a person.

I wish you success to remain humble and grateful.

Set a realistic goal for yourself that you can sustain and once you’ve accomplished them set goals again don’t forget the yin yang effect 

For every goal that you want to accomplish make sure you have a plan and more importantly how you keep sustaining the goals that you have accomplished. 

Some people work so hard to accomplish their goals but not too many of them have plans to sustain what they have accomplished.

It takes true commitment and discipline, the ability to sustain what we already have, and to keep attaining higher goals. 

Never let the success get the best of you.

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How to Master Martial Arts Marketing?

Think about business like a puzzle – one piece of the puzzle is marketing, and one piece is the retention, sales, and keeping your students attending.

And sometimes we tear down the area so it wouldn’t work.

Some would easily get discouraged and questioned themselves why it works for others and not for them.

Here’s a tip for you, study what works and doesn’t work for you and make the adjustments together as a team until you get the perfect combination.

The reality of the marketing is that it really works for you but be patient as it takes some time to get through it, do not try dismissing the idea that it doesn’t work for you – just do it and make certain adjustments and it will eventually work. 

Have a marketing plan, have 8 things going on in your marketing for the month in terms of internal, external events, and advertising, then look it back and check what works and did not work.

This is going to be a lot of work, because you can’t just focus on one thing to do, for instance just doing digital advertisement to get enrollees for your marketing school.

Falling flat is okay because that’s how we learn, just like our students they don’t get it the first fifty times. 

Sames goes with marketing it doesn’t mean that if you try once and you fail, it doesn’t work and justifying why it’s not working. 

If you haven’t snag the copy of marketing manual yet.

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3 Things Why Students Quit Martial Arts and What to Do About It?

Retention is important. 

The most important we can do like martial arts school owners is to keep our students long-term. 

Ask yourself three things:

  • Why do students quit?
  • Why students are still in school and what keeps them going?
  • And the most important question, how do you cause more people to fall in love with martial arts?

Here’s the thing, if you want people to stick long-term and it’s crucial that you get to nail the foundation at the very beginning. 

What can you do in the first to six months of your program to make your students fall in love with your program? 

First, you can do, is your program should be fun – that they would smile because it’s a good time.

Second, on their first trial don’t mix them in a group class with regular students but instead do it one-on-one, it will make them feel comfortable and give them an assurance that it’s going to get tough but you’ll help them. 

Third, look at your student attendance and see who consistently attended class and who is not consistent in attending classes, then reach out and communicate to the students when they missed classes. 

Paint a vision of what a long term looks like for your school and set the foundation right to keep the student in the long-term. 

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You Had an Event, You Have Leads, How Do You Get Them In?

If you have collected all of your leads, this is the tip that we’re going to share with you, that you can also personally do in your martial arts school.

On Monday, pick up your phone and call them and say “Hey Mr. John, thank you so much for coming to my event, I’m so glad that you came, can I ask you a question? Did the kids enjoy it? Did they have a great time? Do you happen to know someone who comes into our studio and trains some martial arts?”

If they say yes…

You say, “That’s great, how long have you known them? They are really great in martial arts, they’ve been trained for a couple of years and I’ve witnessed the transformation, their confidence is better, and their focus and discipline are much better. I’m glad you’re friends with them.”

With this strategy, you have to know the students they know genuinely and you have to build rapport with them.

The goal is to make them into the school, and here’s what the transition looks like.

“How old is your son/daughter? You know what that’s a great age to start martial arts, they’ll get a lot of benefits from martial arts – discipline, focus, they’ll not get bullied, they’ll learn how to get better in school.”

It’s important to emphasize the values and benefits they can get out of the program, then ask them a question.

“If your child is going to do martial arts with us, what do you think they can get out of it?”

Then invite them to come in and visit your school and give them an incentive.

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Common Mistakes Many Business Owners Make When Getting a New Service

As business owners, in order to achieve success, we need to be constantly evolving and also use a third party to help us maximize our service.

For instance, creating your website and a common mistake as a business owner we don’t do extra diligence.  We have to be responsible for making a decision and understand that there are responsibilities as a business owner must do.

You must work with them, the more you help the third party companies to help your business, the better results you are going to get. 

Make it a habit that whenever you hire a third-party vendor to provide your business or service you work closely with them and explain to them – your culture, SOPs, and funnels so they can fully understand your service. 

The last thing that you don’t want to happen is them imagining how is it working in your company. That’s why need to understand and need your guidance.

As business owners, we need to take responsibility for our own business even when working with another vendor who is going to provide the service that you’re looking for. 

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What You Can Do to Create More Powerful Impact in Your School

There is more demand than supply which means many industries are thriving.

Here is a natural human behavior that happens when you are thriving, succeeding, and doing well. 

It is complacency that happens on a subliminal level, meaning that they don’t know what is happening.  Experiencing success for the first time and knowing that it can impact you in a negative way just as much as a positive way.

One of the things that we can do as martial artists are to remain grateful, humble, and level up our service. 

The business world, it’s always up and down and as a martial artist, let’s promote being grateful and humble. 

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