Culture Is Having a Purpose-Driven Martial Arts Academy

Let’s talk about the upgrade program, which is very crucial in your school. 

Having an upgrade program is vital to your success. An upgrade is where your school gets a tremendous amount of revenue, but in order for you to have an upgrade program, you have to have a culture. 

There are so many definitions of culture, it is such a subjective word.

Culture is having a purpose-driven martial arts academy. The philosophy of martial arts is clearly understandable, it is part of the academy’s belief system and you as martial artists understand the core values of what you’re teaching 

Having a purpose-driven culture allows you to have a destination-oriented course in your school – not 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 

Then, you can start laying out the system of upgrading your students towards blackbelt one day in your academy that reinforces values, instills confidence, increases focus, and promotes family morals. 

Another most important thing you have to set up in your culture is also how this upgrade program depreciates from the current program.

Keep in mind that when we talk about upgrade it means a better experience for your students and more money for you as a school owner, so don’t discount your upgrade program. 

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The Culture of a Martial Arts School

Your culture is what stands out from other schools in your area.

Schools should have a signature system and a unique way to take someone from where they are to where they want to go – the A to B. 

A true martial arts instructor believes that teaching martial arts is above making money. 

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

One of the things that are part of your unique signature system is the culture document.

What really people buy is high standards and if you’re taking a stand of who you are and you aren’t as a person, what you should do, and what you aren’t supposed to be doing in your business it will take off. 

When people see your signature system, who you are, and who you are as a team they will instantly recognize the difference between you and the other schools. We’re not saying your is better or other schools are better, but you stood out because of the culture. 

In your business, you need to have profits. You need to put your students above but you still need to be profitable. 

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