What You Can Do to Create More Powerful Impact in Your School

What You Can Do to Create More Powerful Impact in Your School

There is more demand than supply which means many industries are thriving.

Here is a natural human behavior that happens when you are thriving, succeeding, and doing well. 

It is complacency that happens on a subliminal level, meaning that they don’t know what is happening.  Experiencing success for the first time and knowing that it can impact you in a negative way just as much as a positive way.

One of the things that we can do as martial artists are to remain grateful, humble, and level up our service. 

The business world, it’s always up and down and as a martial artist, let’s promote being grateful and humble. 

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Month to Month or Contracts?

As a school owner are you confused about which one to follow – would it be doing month-to-month programs or contracts?

There’s no right or wrong in which one to follow but the goal here is to make your student commit. 

You start someone with a very low commitment because they don’t know you, they don’t trust you and they still don’t know yet how amazing you are as an instructor, they don’t know how much you’ve changed people’s lives with the same issues that they have right now. 

Some people are fearful that they are going to pick the wrong school and can’t afford it. As a martial artist you have things to do the following:

  1. Lower their fear, apprehension, and guard and your job as a martial artist is to make them comfortable by giving them a free lesson or trial by letting them see the benefits. It’s our job to inspire them to learn instead of forcing them to commit.
  1. Sit with them halfway through the program and ask the student if they are ready for a bigger commitment and expounding the benefit they’ll be getting from it. 

Whether they do it month to month program or contract basis it doesn’t keep the students around, and what keeps them is by inspiring them to make a commitment and sticking with it. A contract alone doesn’t make them fully commit.

Even if you’re doing the month-to-month program, you got to let them experience the commitment by communicating that their commitment is powerful for them in a long term. 

As a martial artist, you have to express, inspire, teach and explain what are they going to get from your program if they stick around and the more benefit they’ll be getting. 

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Here’s Some Advice on How to Get More Tuition

The underpaid is the fault of our industry, we need to start changing our mindset.

Our mindset from a business point of view is still behind many industries and it’s disheartening because as martial artists we make a priceless impact. 

How much price tag can we put on increasing a child’s confidence. Imagine this, you have made an impact on a child who had self-esteem issues and knew the answer to the teacher who is asking but is very shy to raise his or her hands. 

Now, this child can make eye contact, raise their hand and answer the teacher’s questions.

It’s extremely powerful knowing you made that change for this child. 

What is the price tag of that to the parent?

The parent would pay thousands of dollars just to see their child more confident and focus.

You need to understand and get on this mindset not being compensated on that level.

If you want to live passionately teaching martial arts, that passion also deserves a lifestyle and we are undercutting ourselves and not being compensated because of that thought process.

There is a scientific approach and a system to this approach and this can be done. 

Start changing your mindset – the first thing you do is to increase your tuition. 

35% of the martial arts school across the country have closed down, some of the schools have not been opened, and some don’t have a strong SOP and systems in place which eventually led them to close down.

If you’re still open and survive, there is no reason you cannot thrive. 

If you do what you have always done, you always get what you have always gotten. 

The only thing that will create an impact for you is when you make a change, you got to make a change. 

You know deep inside, you want to start better and have more students. 

One last piece of advice is that for this to be achievable, you need to have a powerful technology in place – by using modern-day technology specifically digital marketing. 

Start making the necessary changes for you to live the lifestyle you deserve as a martial artist.

One of the Weakest Mindset a Martial Artist Have

One of the weakest mindsets is having a scarcity mindset. 

Unfortunately, this is rampant among some martial arts school owners – having resentment towards other martial arts schools in town. 

Not having the scarcity mindset, or not having the mindset that the other martial arts school in town are my competition. 

Always focus on growth – growing yourself as a person and doing your best at what you love. 

Martial arts is one style, it is important to understand that united we stand. 

Now is the time to really change your thinking. We need to be united more than ever and the school across the street is part of our family – the martial arts family. 

They are teaching the values of martial arts just like you are in our community. 

Our advice is to reach out to your competition, talk to them and shake their hands and acknowledge that you are both a martial artists and that if they need help you’ll be there.

Collaborating with the school within your town is a way to promote the values and spirit of martial arts and let the community know how important what we are doing is. 

It is our responsibility to inspire, motivate, and instill values that we need more than ever. 

If you do this, you will rise so much within yourself by having a level of humility. 

Embrace, encourage and inform the school owners near you that you are their friend and not a competition – that you are all martial artists with the same purpose, to teach what you are passionate about. 

The only person that you are in competition with is yourself – to be a better you every day that you wake up and be grateful to make a difference in your community. 

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Our Financial Advice to You

One of the things about success is making you more money. 

But when we start to become more successful, the first thing is that it shoots our self-confidence, which is very important for our self-esteem. 

And as martial artists, we need to understand the importance of discipline because for you to be successful, you have to have excellent discipline. 

As a school owner, when you start to reach a certain level of achievement and accomplishments, the level of confidence skyrockets.

But it’s also essential to understand that success also has a price. 

Success is no different than training. 

Success is something that you need to control, manage and understand as it can get the best of you. 

So many school owners achieve a certain level of success, but only a few have maintained it as they lacked the discipline to manage it. 

Success is a great thing, but it can also be your worst enemy if you don’t control it, and the scary part of it is you won’t ever know if it’s going to be short-lived. 

Be grateful, be humble, and put away the money you make for your future and family. 

Some go through hardship and achieve success that they tend to forget the past. You have to let your history remain and humble you. 

Manage your success, control your success, and don’t let success control you. 

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How Do You Handle Student Drop and Objections

One thing that school owners hate is dropouts – when students are quitting. 

We as martial artists know how it empowers a child practicing martial arts but it is our job to consistently relay that message.

Do this by doing reverse psychology.

One of the best ways to convince and persuade people is by not telling them why they should do that, but the other way around. 

What was their reason (their why), their purpose, and finding out their pain. 

When the student wants to quit, I’d tell the parents, “I’m happy to hear that he wants to quit martial arts” and the parent would then ask why.

He has to develop through events and experiences that happened throughout his lifetime. 

We have to give him a sense of accomplishment, we have to increase his self-worth and self-confidence for him to be a motivated person. 

If the reason for enrolling is to boost confidence, motivation and be more focused and it’s not showing in his performance, then it’s not going to happen overnight. 

It has to happen through commitment. 

Talk to the student and give them the reinforcement that they need.

Remember, sooner or later every single one of your students is going to quit and stop doing it, especially the child.

But you, as a martial artist, it’s your responsibility to reinforce and be united with people that can impact them, especially their parents.

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If you want to grow the members of your gym, spark membership offers you a great way to do it by helping you manage and run the gym better.