How to Master Martial Arts Marketing?

Think about business like a puzzle – one piece of the puzzle is marketing, and one piece is the retention, sales, and keeping your students attending.

And sometimes we tear down the area so it wouldn’t work.

Some would easily get discouraged and questioned themselves why it works for others and not for them.

Here’s a tip for you, study what works and doesn’t work for you and make the adjustments together as a team until you get the perfect combination.

The reality of the marketing is that it really works for you but be patient as it takes some time to get through it, do not try dismissing the idea that it doesn’t work for you – just do it and make certain adjustments and it will eventually work. 

Have a marketing plan, have 8 things going on in your marketing for the month in terms of internal, external events, and advertising, then look it back and check what works and did not work.

This is going to be a lot of work, because you can’t just focus on one thing to do, for instance just doing digital advertisement to get enrollees for your marketing school.

Falling flat is okay because that’s how we learn, just like our students they don’t get it the first fifty times. 

Sames goes with marketing it doesn’t mean that if you try once and you fail, it doesn’t work and justifying why it’s not working. 

If you haven’t snag the copy of marketing manual yet.

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