3 Things Why Students Quit Martial Arts and What to Do About It?

Retention is important. 

The most important we can do like martial arts school owners is to keep our students long-term. 

Ask yourself three things:

  • Why do students quit?
  • Why students are still in school and what keeps them going?
  • And the most important question, how do you cause more people to fall in love with martial arts?

Here’s the thing, if you want people to stick long-term and it’s crucial that you get to nail the foundation at the very beginning. 

What can you do in the first to six months of your program to make your students fall in love with your program? 

First, you can do, is your program should be fun – that they would smile because it’s a good time.

Second, on their first trial don’t mix them in a group class with regular students but instead do it one-on-one, it will make them feel comfortable and give them an assurance that it’s going to get tough but you’ll help them. 

Third, look at your student attendance and see who consistently attended class and who is not consistent in attending classes, then reach out and communicate to the students when they missed classes. 

Paint a vision of what a long term looks like for your school and set the foundation right to keep the student in the long-term. 

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