You Had an Event, You Have Leads, How Do You Get Them In?

If you have collected all of your leads, this is the tip that we’re going to share with you, that you can also personally do in your martial arts school.

On Monday, pick up your phone and call them and say “Hey Mr. John, thank you so much for coming to my event, I’m so glad that you came, can I ask you a question? Did the kids enjoy it? Did they have a great time? Do you happen to know someone who comes into our studio and trains some martial arts?”

If they say yes…

You say, “That’s great, how long have you known them? They are really great in martial arts, they’ve been trained for a couple of years and I’ve witnessed the transformation, their confidence is better, and their focus and discipline are much better. I’m glad you’re friends with them.”

With this strategy, you have to know the students they know genuinely and you have to build rapport with them.

The goal is to make them into the school, and here’s what the transition looks like.

“How old is your son/daughter? You know what that’s a great age to start martial arts, they’ll get a lot of benefits from martial arts – discipline, focus, they’ll not get bullied, they’ll learn how to get better in school.”

It’s important to emphasize the values and benefits they can get out of the program, then ask them a question.

“If your child is going to do martial arts with us, what do you think they can get out of it?”

Then invite them to come in and visit your school and give them an incentive.

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A Reminder You Should Keep In Mind As A Martial Arts Leader


A powerful reminder that you need to keep in mind as a martial arts leader.

This reminder is constantly being in the mindset and the awareness of ‘WHY’.

The why of people around you and your school.

The why is a powerful motivation for people to take action and the most important ‘why’ that you need to stay focused on is pain.

Every single one of your students has a reason why they are coming to your academy. 

The more you understand their pain and why, the better your job is serving them.

If you can go to their parents, you will know the deeper and find out their core detailed reason for what their children are experiencing.

If you constantly serving your students why you are the solution to the pain that they are experiencing, you will make a huge difference in their lives as a martial arts leader, that should be the main purpose of your academy. 

Therefore, I employ all of you to stay in that mindset – that you are there to serve and help them overcome the pain they are experiencing and that you are the solution that can empower them.

This is the sole purpose of a martial artist – you want to help your community in this way. 

As a Leader, You must Have a purpose-driven culture allows you to have a destination

Culture Is Having a Purpose-Driven Martial Arts Academy

I also want to remind you that you’re in the business of self-improvement and you’re using martial arts as a tool to instill the values. 

In order to do that, you need to stay in alignment with the pains they are experiencing and your academy is the solution. 

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