The New Martial Arts School Website + Automated Follow Up Machine. Out-Performing Everything. For Half the Cost.

“Our revenue went from $30k/mo to $80k/mo during COVID… Thanks, Spark Ignite.” 

9 out of 10 schools see a boost in leads, trials, and appointments with Spark Ignite. But it’s not just a website. It’s Smart Automated Emails & Texts, Ready-to-Go Ad Campaigns, and More.


Plus: We worked with many of the Top 1% revenue generating schools in the world. We uncovered their secrets, and turned them into (mostly) automated systems in our Rapid Growth Tools Library.


Unlock all of it, and start growing today, with Spark Ignite.

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What’s Included? A Lot.

High-Converting Website

Automated “Smart” Emails & Texts for More Trials & Appointments

Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Library of Top 1% Strategies With Done-for-You Materials to Implement

Facebook Ad Copy, Graphics, and Strategies

Monthly Email + SMS Campaigns

365 Days/Year of Done-for-You Social Media Content

Library of Live Webinars Breaking Down High-Level Growth Secrets from Successful School Owners & Entrepreneurs

Live ZOOM Support

And more!

And more!

And more!

Spark Ignite: Out-Performing Everything. For Half the Cost.

Most martial arts websites cost $399/mo. And they don’t include even half of what’s in Spark Ignite. 

The Ignite Pro Website, included at no extra charge, is just $199/mo. And that $199/mo gives you access to everything in Ignite: 

Smart Follow Up Automations, Ad Campaigns, Social Media Content, Live Webinars, Top 1% Strategies Library, and more. 

Conversions from trial to paying student topping 70% month over month
AmeriKick Kansas
Kansas, USA

Google Dominance. Ignite Pro Websites Tend to Rank 1 for Primary Keywords. And 1 or 2 for Almost Every Other Keyword We Go After.

Our pro SEO team never stops. We’re constantly monitoring all Ignite websites, keyword trends, and search data to get you to the top. And keep you there.

The result? More exposure. More traffic. More leads.

Over 100 high quality leads generated monthly and growing.
Integrated Combat Centre
Multiple locations, Australia

The Automated Follow Up Machine. For More Appointments (That Show), More Trials, and More Members.

No lead slips through the cracks with Spark Ignite’s 8-layers of automated texts and emails. Everyone gets the perfect message, at the perfect time. 

Within a day or two, I was already getting appointments and responses!
Destiny Martial Arts Academy
Illinois, USA

Top 1% Strategies Revealed, and Automated.

There’s no ‘fluff’ or ‘theory’ in Ignite. We see what top schools are actually doing to grow, and then we turn it into automated systems for you.

Boost Referrals, Reviews, Leads, Appointments, Retention, Reduce Cancellations, and More.

We tap into our network of Top 1% schools every month, and release a new Strategy. 

The Library never stops growing. 

Even during the pandemic our sales are up 25% from this same time last year!
Vitali Family Karate
Kentucky, USA

Ready To Scale Your School? Check Out The Demo Here.

See just how powerful Spark Ignite is for yourself.  We will take you through the backend, and answer all your questions.  Book in Now!

Facebook Ads Made Easy and Effective. Created by a Multi-Million Dollar Advertiser.

Ignite’s co-founder, David Tendrich, ran a Facebook Ads Agency that spent millions of dollars per month. 

They even got one client from $0 to $50 million/yr in just 2 years – landing that client on Inc’s Fastest Growing Company list. 

David produces Facebook ads every month, just for you. They’re all inside of Ignite. 

Top three reasons I love ignite: Leads, Customer Service & Control
ATA Legacy Martial Arts
Illinois, USA

Ad, Email, and SMS Campaigns for Every Major Holiday & Season.

Don’t leave another dollar on the table because you’re not running the right campaigns.

Ignite makes it easy to dominate your area with new ads, emails, and SMS campaigns – every single month. 

You guys rock! After switching to an ignite website my leads have more than tripled!!!
Bushido Academy
Tennessee, USA

365 Days/Year of Done-for-You Social Media Content. Designed to Give You Expert Positioning, Likability, and Sales.

Don’t waste another second on content creation. Every month, we release a full calendar of daily social posts.

This content, backed by market research and a lot of testing, resonates with your market. It positions you as an authority, a community, and a friend. 

All graphics are made in Canva, so you can swap out images, throw your logo in there, and you’re done. In minutes. 

All text is in a Google Doc, so you can edit/copy/paste anywhere, at any time. 

Since using Ignite I've seen phenomenal growth. I really like the "done-for-you" stuff.
Wembley Choi Kwang Do
London, United Kingdom

The Birthday RSVP Machine: Turning parties into lead-generating events has never been easier.

Generate a landing page for a birthday in seconds. Send parents the link. They either manually add guests, or send guests the link themselves.

The landing page generates the lead… Sends them to your waiver… And after the party, Ignite follows up with your trial offer (but ONLY if they attended!).

The spark ignite website has our leads blowing up.
Charlotte Martial Arts Academy
North Carolina, USA

Ready To Scale Your School? Check Out The Demo Here.

See just how powerful Spark Ignite is for yourself.  We will take you through the backend, and answer all your questions.  Book in Now!

Marketing is a Moving Target.
So is Ignite.

In marketing, what works today might not work tomorrow. We get that. That’s why Ignite grows and evolves over time. 

The websites we launched 2 years ago are radically different than the ones we create today. The emails have evolved. The ads have evolved.

We’re constantly testing & studying to uncover student-generating approaches. As we learn, we upgrade Ignite. At no extra cost.

Since getting my Spark Ignite site done in January I have filled my classes to capacity
House Of Courage Karate LLC
Texas, USA

Live Weekly Webinars on Deep, Intensive Growth Topics.

How much exactly should you spend on ads? What’s a good cost for a lead? Why do schools get stuck at 100, 200, 300, and 400 members? 

The answers are probably not what you think.

In our weekly webinars, we either cover how to use Ignite Features… or how top-level schools scale their business.

Weekly tutorials: New features and complete turn-keys system. Simply a no-brainer for school owner
Black Belt Plus Martial Arts Centre

Live ZOOM Support.

Sometimes you just need to get on the phone to have a question or concern addressed.

With Spark Ignite, you can request a call at any time. There’s no limit.

I love ignite! They add new things all of the time!
Legacy Martial Arts
Missouri, USA

$599 $1 Setup Covers Your First 30 Days. Go Live in 2 Weeks or Less.

For just $1, we’ll create your Automations, Checkouts, Calendars, and Website. 

And because we’ve streamlined onboarding, most schools go live in 2 weeks or less. 

Paid subscriptions continuing to grow month over month.
5.0 Evolved Martial Arts
California, USA

Ready To Scale Your School? Check Out The Demo Here.

See just how powerful Spark Ignite is for yourself.  We will take you through the backend, and answer all your questions.  Book in Now!


Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! We are giving a special offer in light of Covid-19 to help businesses to get their presence online and do it properly with our high converting websites. Your Ignite Website is FREE for the life of your Ignite Membership

You can integrate your domain into Ignite so they’re connected together (we have a step-by-step showing you how!) 

Indeed! You can customize everything on your website including text, images, effects and much more!

Yes you can. We’ve put together a proven structure that has simply been replicated from the years of hard work understanding what your audience want to hear, although, you have the opportunity to customize the messages so they fit your business vibe.

Ignite comes with:

  • Ignite Pro Website
  • Corona Virus Rescue Kit
  • Automations
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • RSVP Birthday Machine
  • Design Vault (massive library)
  • Weekly Coaching Webinars

We don’t, although, we provide guides and example advertising campaigns inside of our membership portal to show you exactly what you need to do to launch your own advertising campaigns.

However, you will have killer ads written for you – for you to crush your own ads campaigns or give to your facebook ads team!

Click the button on the page to book a demo now!

Ready To Scale Your School? Check Out The Demo Here.

See just how powerful Spark Ignite is for yourself.  We will take you through the backend, and answer all your questions.  Book in Now!

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