The Most Uncomfortable Thing to Do as a School Owner

Most of us started building our own school because of the impact that the martial arts have on us and it is something that we want to share with the world. 

So opening a school is not just a business, but also a passion. And when we are passionate about something, money is the last equation. 

I hope all of you realize that we can be passionate and also live the lifestyle of our dreams in martial arts. Our industry is thriving. 

It is our nature as human beings that if we do something brand new or do something out of our comfort zone can be challenging. 

You have the right to be compensated in return for teaching them the impact and benefits of martial arts, and the way how it impacted you as a school owner. 

You can’t put a price tag on confidence, focus and discipline therefore don’t be afraid to ask about the tuition, and don’t be afraid to ask them to pay in full.

This is an investment for the students because the return is greater than the monetary value. 

That is one thing you got to start understanding and get comfortable with asking for large amounts of money from your students. 

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One of the Most Important Things in Running Multiple Companies

One of the most important traits of being an entrepreneur is the essence of expanding your purpose. 

As a martial artist, we are a very passionate and driven industry, and that passion comes from the core and within yourselves. 

Letting go is one of the most important attributes you have to develop as an entrepreneur, it is something that we struggle with because in our minds we have a certain way we do things and it is also an entrepreneur’s control trait.

If you don’t control this attribute about yourself you are going to run into constant challenges, especially in expansion. 

Learn to let go, learn to accept the fact that nobody is going to do it the way you want, how you want it to your level of the definitive term of perfection. 

Once you start letting go, basically you are giving the responsibility that you are doing and you feel like it should be done in a certain way, it’s going to drive you nuts when you start letting go and giving it to another person to do, and when you see that they’re not doing it in the level that you want to what happens is you’re constantly micromanaging which is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs do. 

You have to accept that nobody is going to do the same level you want it and they’re going to make mistakes. They have to make a mistake since it’s a part of growing.

Sometimes it’s going to take a lot of patience and not losing your temper.

If you don’t let go of your responsibilities and learn to hand them to your team members, you’re only going to hurt your ability to expand as an entrepreneur.

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If you want to grow the members of your gym, spark membership offers you a great way to do it by helping you manage and run the gym better.

Here’s Some Advice on How to Get More Tuition

The underpaid is the fault of our industry, we need to start changing our mindset.

Our mindset from a business point of view is still behind many industries and it’s disheartening because as martial artists we make a priceless impact. 

How much price tag can we put on increasing a child’s confidence. Imagine this, you have made an impact on a child who had self-esteem issues and knew the answer to the teacher who is asking but is very shy to raise his or her hands. 

Now, this child can make eye contact, raise their hand and answer the teacher’s questions.

It’s extremely powerful knowing you made that change for this child. 

What is the price tag of that to the parent?

The parent would pay thousands of dollars just to see their child more confident and focus.

You need to understand and get on this mindset not being compensated on that level.

If you want to live passionately teaching martial arts, that passion also deserves a lifestyle and we are undercutting ourselves and not being compensated because of that thought process.

There is a scientific approach and a system to this approach and this can be done. 

Start changing your mindset – the first thing you do is to increase your tuition. 

35% of the martial arts school across the country have closed down, some of the schools have not been opened, and some don’t have a strong SOP and systems in place which eventually led them to close down.

If you’re still open and survive, there is no reason you cannot thrive. 

If you do what you have always done, you always get what you have always gotten. 

The only thing that will create an impact for you is when you make a change, you got to make a change. 

You know deep inside, you want to start better and have more students. 

One last piece of advice is that for this to be achievable, you need to have a powerful technology in place – by using modern-day technology specifically digital marketing. 

Start making the necessary changes for you to live the lifestyle you deserve as a martial artist.