How Do You Handle Student Drop and Objections

One thing that school owners hate is dropouts – when students are quitting. 

We as martial artists know how it empowers a child practicing martial arts but it is our job to consistently relay that message.

Do this by doing reverse psychology.

One of the best ways to convince and persuade people is by not telling them why they should do that, but the other way around. 

What was their reason (their why), their purpose, and finding out their pain. 

When the student wants to quit, I’d tell the parents, “I’m happy to hear that he wants to quit martial arts” and the parent would then ask why.

He has to develop through events and experiences that happened throughout his lifetime. 

We have to give him a sense of accomplishment, we have to increase his self-worth and self-confidence for him to be a motivated person. 

If the reason for enrolling is to boost confidence, motivation and be more focused and it’s not showing in his performance, then it’s not going to happen overnight. 

It has to happen through commitment. 

Talk to the student and give them the reinforcement that they need.

Remember, sooner or later every single one of your students is going to quit and stop doing it, especially the child.

But you, as a martial artist, it’s your responsibility to reinforce and be united with people that can impact them, especially their parents.

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