5 Benefits of Karate for Kids

Benefits of Karate for Kids

In today’s world, every girl child, in fact, every child, must make earnest efforts to learn some form of self-defense. Karate is one of the most popular self-defense art forms one can think of. Women go to work, attend religious congregations or take frequent rides to the nearby supermarkets. 

It is self-defense that can help you or your kids when they need to defend themselves.

How does Karate help a child

Karate is the best form of self-defense and flexibility-related art a child can learn. This art form immensely builds the agility or flexibility of bones or muscles in the kid. Learning Karate can also immensely improve the concentration of the kid wanting to learn this art form on a serious note. Above all, the art form is more widely accepted as a survival skillset genre for men and women around the world. 

What is the best age to start Karate

Learning an art form early age is always advisable, but it is ideal to start between 3-5 years old. A child has an abundant dose of energy levels. Be it dance, Karate, or even kickboxing, early-age training is the best time of one’s life to pick a new skill after all. The bones and muscles are super-flexible or agile when the child is in the 3-5 year age group. The brain is also super-active at this point. Hence, a child can learn this art form, and it becomes easier for the brain neurons to grasp any new form of art that is being taught. 

Core benefits of Karate for kids

Now that we have learned the benefits of Karate for children in general and the age group of children that can be enrolled in Karate let us move on to the real meat of this particular segment. Let us discover the core benefits of Karate for kids. Helping you with the run-down into the same:

  1. Ability to defend oneself

As already stated in the intro paragraph, Karate or any martial art is mandatory for self-defense. In a progressive society, young ones must equip themselves to face the everyday challenges of today’s world. To do that, they must defend themselves against men. To put it another way, they must be able to handle their bullies. Karate and other martial arts can be used to defend oneself.

  1. Builds self-confidence

The child can build a tremendous amount of self-confidence when they are exposed to Karate or other martial arts. You develop the confidence or courage to stand yourself against troubled waters. Not every day turns out to be the day you want to, after all. When children are made to enroll themselves in academy-based karate classes, you have experienced trainers to teach them the nuances of the art form. At the same time, you have the training faculty who can constantly encourage the child to perform better. This can improve the confidence levels of a child who is otherwise a shy kid or an introvert. 

For self-confidence, balance, coordination, discipline, and social skills, karate is great for kids. Karate strengthens kids internally.

  1. It helps improve your body height, weight, and reflexes

Karate, a martial art form, deals with tough exercises that cover the warm-up session. Children to make to perform lunges, squats, or even trampoline-based jumping. This way, the child can improve their body reflexes to a considerable extent. Again, your child’s body mass increases when you perform exercises coupled with kickboxing and learning how to do sparring. When you perform an all-rounded body workout at martial art classes, the child can maintain a robust metabolism. A healthier metabolism can promote a better degree of blood circulation throughout the body. This way, excessive cholesterol burns effortlessly. And here, the child can maintain an ideal body weight relative to their height. In other words, one can attain an optimum BMI (Body-Mass-Index)

  1. Hones your leadership skills

Karate learning does not turn students into street fighters. Karate is a martial form wherein you have a scheduled warm-up session, timed kickboxing, or fight techniques followed by deep breathing or meditation at the end of the session. This is how you develop concentration or focus in your desired work area. Children learn how to focus or concentrate to the right degree. As a result, they become better decision-makers. Again, at a karate learning academy, you perform martial arts or compete in competitions for the sport. This way, you learn how to move around or interact with a group. You become a better team player in the longer run. Eventually, these are soft skills that are required to hone leadership abilities.

  1. Develops character and self-discipline

You are expected to bow your head down in front of an instructor. The salute is a mandate before you start any form of martial exercise at the karate campaign. Hence, you learn how to respect elders, teachers, or your seniors in the longer run. Again, higher belt karate holders are highly in demand in countries like Korea and Japan. Hence, you are also able to able to call upon self-respect for yourself. This way, you can help your child build character. At the same time, children who learn Karate, taekwondo, or kickboxing on a consistent level also develop resilience and self-discipline. Your child learns how to prioritize in life and look at finer prints before embarking on major life decisions.

💡Karate teaches kids respect and defense rather than offense. Kids will honor their opponents and develop character via defensive and counterattacking body motions.

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The Best Karate Marketing Ideas To Increase Reach And Conversion

When you first started your dojo, your dream was to share the discipline, focus, and self-defense techniques of your particular style. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or even own multiple locations, creating and streamlining an effective marketing strategy will ensure a constant stream of students. Marketing, when combined with a proper service and sales team, can not only help in bringing in new clients but also develop the ones you already have for further services.

In this article, we will define the benefits of a great marketing strategy, some of its key features, and ultimately, how to develop your own marketing strategy.

Benefits of a marketing strategy

Other than the obvious benefits of having an influx of paying customers, there are certain benefits that should be highlighted to encourage business owners and incentivize them to seriously develop their marketing prowess. The primary lifeblood of any business is making sales, but there are no sales without first attracting your customers. Admittedly, the benefit of a great marketing strategy would be the increased attraction of potential customers, but it is more than that.

A marketing strategy sets out to identify your business goals, and this may include your ideal customers and the platforms that you intend to reach them. Marketing is much more than its sales counterpart, it provides the entire blueprint of your outreach, and sets a basis for the construction of your brand. Once your entire strategy is in place, it becomes like a funnel, where marketing dollars are put in, and clients come out to the other end.

Key ideas for an effective marketing strategy

More than just a few karate marketing ideas, your karate marketing strategy should include a structured document that outlines the purpose of your business, the differential factor that sets you apart, and why your ideal customer should want to do business with you. Here are the top five ideas that a strategy should include:

  • Your strategy should be centered around a company’s vision and its objectives..
  • Create a customer profile to identify the ideal customer, down to the last detail. This includes appearance, hobbies, and behavior.
  • Conduct market research to determine your position within the marketplace. This is not limited to just your own discipline, but income level and proximity.
  • Coordinate your various channels, which include your website, social media, paid advertising and organic outreach.
  • Place a timeline for the implementation of your strategies. It is good to use a SMART template,

The top karate marketing ideas for your dojo

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of a marketing strategy, and analyzed the important areas that constitute an effective marketing strategy, here is a list of compiled and proven strategies to communicate your message:

  1. Online presence is paramount

Both your social media marketing and your website must work in tandem to achieve the best results. A website is your piece of real estate on the web. Studies show that the design and layout of your website is more than just about “attracting” your customers, it can make or break a sale. Things such as load time, poor design layout, lack of aesthetics, and credibility are reported to negatively affect your potential customers’ views of your brand.

  1. Setting the groundwork for brand recognition

Even prior to obtaining your first customer, you must have a solid plan for brand recognition. Organic word of mouth marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient strategy on the market, as it brings you your ideal customer for free, and with the intent of purchasing. The key areas of a brand strategy are culture, recognition, visual representation, and customer service. A great question to ask yourself is “what are people saying about my dojo behind closed doors to their friends and family?”

  1. Money makes money

Especially true for new businesses. It can be difficult to start spending money on your marketing materials for fear that it will have no return. Many businesses fall into the trap of spending money on things that do not have a direct impact on their business, such as posters and business cards. PPC ads on search engines and social media may not be the best idea when starting out brand new, but they act much like gasoline. If the fire has already been started, pouring some PPC dollars into it will ignite your potential leads.

  1. Retargeting and offers

If you’ve ever purchased anything online, and left your “cart” full but did not complete the transaction, do you know what happens next? Those multiple texts and emails that you receive afterward are not accidents. It is a strategy called retargeting. This also works with ads you’ve seen. You will eventually see a separate ad that is more enticing, to encourage you to finish the purchase. Re-targeting, especially with a great offer, can increase conversion by as much as 150%.

  1. Coordinate and automate your karate marketing ideas

The most important part of an effective marketing strategy is coordinating your efforts and automating it as much as possible. It is a great strain on your resources and staff to be constantly creating offers, writing emails, re-marketing, communicating, and following up with potential leads. Karate school management software is extremely crucial for the proper conduct of your business. Spark Membership is the #1 software on the market. Try it now for just $1 from the comfort of your smartphone.