9 CrossFit Kids Programs To Run On Your Gym

9 CrossFit Kids Programs To Run On Your Gym

CrossFit may bring strong men and women pushing tires to mind, but would you push your children to the same strength training program?

CrossFit has been a top-rated fitness program among adults in recent years and is now targeting kids as well. But other parents are left wondering, “Is CrossFit good for the youth?” “What age is good for CrossFit?” “Does CrossFit allow kids?” and “What CrossFit kids programs do you have at your gym?”

Continue reading to discover all you need to know about CrossFit kids programs.

Is Crossfit Good for Youth

Is Crossfit Good for Youth

According to research that has studied the health advantages of exercise across the human lifecycle, CrossFit may be an enjoyable and varied sport for teenagers and kids.

Workouts for younger children may be designed as an obstacle course or as games, making them more pleasant and keeping them active.

Like any other kind of exercise, CrossFit offers several advantages for kids. 

These are some examples:

  • It may be entertaining for kids
  • Some families participate in CrossFit together
  • Enhancing healthful behaviors in children at a young age
  • Kids are working out instead of watching anime on weekends

As a result, CrossFit may help kids lay the groundwork for an active and healthy future. It is encouraged to do 45 to 60 minutes of exercise on as many days as possible, and CrossFit might be a fantastic option.

Does Crossfit Allow Kids

Does Crossfit Allow Kids

CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise program that often tests adult bodies and brains. Is it a bright idea to create a kid-friendly version of this challenging strength and conditioning program?

Like its older version, CrossFit for children and teenagers is an exercise that incorporates gymnastics, bodyweight training (including pull-ups), weight lifting, and endurance training like climbing, jumping, and running. Class activities may be tailored to the ages and abilities of younger kids.

As a result, there is nothing wrong with children engaging in CrossFit as long as they are constantly observed throughout the drills and instructed to adjust the workouts appropriately depending on their age, fitness, and skill.

What Age Is Good for Crossfit

What Age Is Good for Crossfit

CrossFit kids programs first appeared in 2004, combining training and enjoyment. The course emphasizes physical activity throughout infancy and adolescence. Children aged 3 to 18 may participate in group lessons. However, class age limitations vary by location. Young athletes’ attention spans are short, and they often find themselves trying to do things they shouldn’t be doing and being harmed.

Additionally, although CrossFit sessions may be a great addition to a child’s workout program, they should not be their primary source of fitness. Kids, like adults, need a well-balanced and enjoyable fitness program that incorporates various sorts of exercise.

Crossfit Kids Programs You Can Run To Your Gym

An hour of anyone engaging their children in a healthy activity may greatly benefit stressed-out parents who work from home. Even better if that individual is a trusted coach at the family’s gym. 

Here are some Crossfit kids programs to run in your gym:

  1. Jump Around

Jump Around

Equipment: Legs

5 Rounds

  • Five times through each series of exercises
  • One jumping squat followed by two jumping lunges and one burpee

Rest 1 minute

  • One jumping jack followed by one burpee followed by one squat jump

Rest 1 minute

  • One broad jump followed by one squat jump and one backward jump

  1. Chair Workout

Chair Workout

Equipment: 1 sturdy chair

5 Rounds

  • 5 Step Downs, one leg at a time: Place one foot on the chair and count down from 3 until your other foot hits the floor, then quickly push back up.
  • 4 Step Overs, every leg: Take a big step over the seat to the opposite side without touching the chair.
  • 3 Deck Squats, also known as ‘You’re the Chair’: Lower into a squat until you’re seated on the floor, roll backward, return to a squat, and stand up.
  • 2 chair pushes, one in each direction: Put a towel below the chair and a little weight on the seat (milk jug, books, etc.). Push the chair across the floor.

 2 Chair Burpees:

  • Perform a burpee.
  • Step up onto and over the chair.
  • Then repeat on the other side.

  1. Basketball Workout

Basketball Workout

Equipment: 1 basketball

  • Ten reps down to 1

Rest 2 minutes

  • One rep to 10 – See which way is the fastest!
  • Ten Russian twists with the basketball
  • Ten squats with the Atlas (hold the basketball on the shoulder)
  • Ten basketball push-ups
  • 30 seconds wall sit with the basketball squeezed between the legs

  1. Soccer Workout

Soccer Workout

Equipment: 1 soccer ball

  • 12 min. AMRAP
  • Ten push-ups with a soccer ball (1 hand on the ball)
  • Ten soccer ball squats
  • Ten soccer ball cleans
  • 30 seconds wall sit with the ball held overhead

  1. Baseball/Softball/Hockey/Lacrosse/Quidditch workout

Baseball/Softball/Hockey/Lacrosse/Quidditch workout

Equipment: 1 sports stick

  • 12 min. AMRAP
  • 12 overhead lunges
  • 12 burpees over the stick
  • 12 thrusters
  • 12 lateral jumps over the stick

  1. Up the Mountain, Down the Mountain

Up the Mountain

Equipment: Bodyweight

  • 12 min. EMOM
  • 30 Jumping lunges
  • 10 Snake ups
  • 40 Mountain climbers
  • 20 seconds Hollow rock hold
  • 20 Ski jumps
  • 10 Sit-ups

  1. Workout Zoo

Workout Zoo

Equipment: Dumbbells (light) (2 small water bottles or canned items would do)

3 Rounds

  • 10 Inchworms
  • 20 Bunny Hops in place
  • ‍20 seconds Bear Crawl
  • Seal Crawl in 20 seconds (use only arms to pull the body forward)
  • 20 seconds Duck Walk
  • Frog jumps in place 20 times
  • Flamingo Curls 10 times (dumbbell curls with one bent leg raised, five each leg)
  • 20 seconds Crab Walk
  • 20 Butterfly Kicks

  1. Superheroes


Equipment: 1 dumbbell

3 Rounds

  • Each round closes with a new: 30 second movement
  • 12 Spider-Man climbs
  • 12 Black Widow cossack squats
  • 6 Captain America shield twists
  • 6 Supergirl cartwheels
  • 12 Iron-Man push-up
  • 6 Wonder Woman squat broad jumps
  • 6 The Wasp star jumps

Round 1: 30 seconds, Superman hold

Round 2: 30 seconds, Hulk punches

Round 3: 30 seconds Flash high knees

  1. Don’t Drop the Drink!

Equipment: 1 container (closed) of liquid 


  • Six thrusters 
  • Four halos (Squat down and circle your head with the drink)
  • Two squats
  • Rest 1 minute


  • Six thrusters
  • Four sit-ups with the drink held straight up in the air
  • Two burpees over the drink

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