Marketing Theory That Will Actually Help Any Business Owner

A martial arts school must have a steady flow of students, or else the business will be stressed out – if this happens, it will be less efficient in serving and impacting the community.

Some schools are doing digital marketing but have little success or not getting any traction at all. With that being said, I encourage school owners not to get easily discouraged when some strategies work for others and not for you. Keep trying, keep working and pay attention to how it works. Digital marketing is a learning process.

Jay Abraham shared a theory called Power Parthenon Strategy, which states that we need to have pillars that hold up our business to have a viable long-term business. 

Imagine there are different columns in your business, and each column represents an advertising or marketing concept and action that you need to take. And if you have eight different columns, the idea is when one or two columns fail, there are still other columns left that are constantly bringing you business. So your roof doesn’t cave in. 

And the mistake that I’m noticing is that school owners are focusing on just one thing, and when it fails, the business will be in trouble in the next couple of months. 

Come up with different things that will hold the roof of your business. Although, this is not a quick turnaround as this will take several months to get your strategy in place. So to avoid being overwhelmed right away, we highly encourage you to do two things that will help market your business better.

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