Increase Your Brand Awareness With Gym SEO

If you’ve ever wondered how certain articles and businesses come up when you search for their keywords on a search engine, this is due to SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a method of identifying algorithmic patterns for how businesses are ranked. Originally, this was figured out by a few marketers, but search engines caught on and continue to change their algorithm every 6 months. Now, SEO is more about how to properly build authority and authenticity for your site so that you may get more hits on your business website and ultimately increase your sales. Let’s take a look at how proper SEO can help your gym.

What is gym SEO, and how does it help my gym

It is common for a certain niche to adopt certain keywords to remain competitive in the digital space. Originally, short keywords were available for ranking because of very low internet traffic. In the past few years, long-term keywords have increased popularity as they are much easier to rank. Simply speaking, trying to get search engines to link your site with the word “gym” or “fitness” is next to impossible as a small or medium-sized business. Be careful, as “keyword stuffing” is extremely harmful to the authenticity of your posts, and the algorithm will penalize you.

SEO doesn’t just contain keywords but also has to do with the credibility and popularity of your site. Because search engines can’t differentiate between good and bad information, they adopt the model that humans use: social proof. How does an engine determine social proof? Having many reputable sites link to your content, and vice-versa is a popular and common way to build authority, and this is one aspect of the algorithm that doesn’t seem to change.

Steps for successful SEO

  • Determine Your List of Keywords – This is where you need to think outside the box. Certain services can provide these features, but it is important to start by yourself to gain an understanding of what this means. Google Trends, for example, demonstrates the popularity of every keyword you input. Take a look at the front page for your chosen keyword and determine if you can compete for it. The general rule of thumb is to think of very good long-tailed keywords that fit your niche. Ranking for “gym” is near impossible and expensive, but “Online Kick-Boxing Classes For Postpartum Women” will generally have much less competition.
  • Setup GMB (Google My Business) – It may be common sense that Google is the number one search engine. It even has its own noun and verb. If you aren’t convinced Google accounts for over 92% of the search engine market share, Type in Google my business on Google to be redirected to your local Google business directory and set up a free account. This is paramount for ranking on Google search but also lets you populate your contact information and services, and most importantly, lets people leave reviews.

  • Post-Engaging Content – Have you noticed how nearly every successful website has a blog? Blogs remain the number one way to post informative and engaging content. Combine this with your social media, and your SEO will skyrocket. Remember to write with a natural flow and keep the content engaging, informative, and helpful, as trying to over-optimize for on-page SEO may destroy your authority and make for a very poor read.

  • Build Or Revise Your Website – For your SEO to flourish, you will need a website. A website acts as a piece of real estate on the internet that is your own and is used to showcase your business and its authority. Post helpful blogs, build links, optimize your keywords, and post engaging content. Websites also let you add meta tags, which are those gray descriptions that appear below a link on Google. You may not have noticed them, but they help a lot with the search intent of your ideal client.

  • It’s All About Links – Earlier we talked about social proof. Linking is a great equalizer, as it helps competitors and complementary products help each other. When you are a new market entrant, you can only link between your posts and link out to other articles. As you gain popularity, contact other blogs, influencers, and guests to have them add a link to your site, and vice versa. This will help to build authority and collaboration, bringing both businesses revenue symbiotically.

In summary…

SEO is a great tool in addition to your marketing efforts to help with your visibility on search engines. The difficulty lies in getting this right, as anyone can start a website and start ranking for keywords. Some professionals offer these services. However, the good ones are expensive and hard to differentiate from the rest that will use auto generators to build unprofessional, fake, or spam links.

Having a great social media presence, creating referral programs, offering trials, sending exclusive offers, remarketing, and staying in constant contact with new and current members are still the most consistent and cost-effective methods. Spark Membership is the #1 full-service gym management software and can help you do all this and more, starting at just $1.

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