Things to Consider if You Want to Open Multiple Locations

So many school owners think that opening another school in different locations can double or triple their income, but the reality is that it never works out that way, especially if it’s not done well. 

The ideal time to open a second location for your school is when your first location has already established a proven concept that it already has the level of profitability that is ready to scale it up. 

The issue of some school owners is they open a second location before they really should, and the other problem is having the mindset that opening another location is not that difficult at all. However, it is a completely different skill set. 

The school must have standard operating procedures in every spec of your school if you’re gearing towards multiple schools. 

Also, the system is about developing a lifestyle – by making an impact on the community.

In order to duplicate, you have to start with a system and a written process. 

Next is the curriculum. It is our driving force as martial arts school owners, and it should be good for the average martial arts student. 

The curriculum must transcend every student’s experience. 

Remember, the most important thing in your martial arts school business is your training floor. 

What can you teach in three years that you’ll be proud of your student and you’ll be proud of yourself. 

The student must progress to have the interest to continue to attend. You will then test them to give a sense of accomplishment to retain and upgrade them. 

Everything we do as school owners funnel down to our dojo.

Then, staff training by having a progression system and by making the instructors certified to be more confident in what they are doing. 

Be persistent and relentless. We cannot teach somebody if we cannot teach our mastery. 

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