Why Upgrade Programs are Important in Martial Arts Schools

Why Upgrade Program is Important in Martial Arts Schools

What is an Upgrade Program? Why is it essential for Martial Art school to have an upgrade program? How will upgrade programs help in your school? A lot of school owners are not familiar with what an upgrade program is. The upgrade program is a program you create as a school owner to ensure that your students will have the opportunity to move levels until they reach their desired belt color.

When we think about upgrades in other industries as well as ours, its reputation is connected to generating a lot of revenues. However, that is just the result of having a successful upgrade culture in your school. Upgrade doesn’t mean upselling to generate more income, upgrade should be a form of reward – an opportunity. It is about giving your students an opportunity to train on a different level by creating a culture that allows them to set long-term goals to make an impact on their lives. That is by giving the students the very best. In Martial Arts, we use a blackbelt as a symbolic gesture to represent that value.

This is a mindset that school owners need to have when they upgrade their students or when they want to create an upgrade program. The first thing you should put in mind is laying down a strong foundation by clearly defining what an upgrade means to you. By upgrading your students, what do you want to see them accomplish, what values can they get more out of your program by being part of this upgrade, and what impact will it have on your student? You need to solidify that foundation in your school before going to the next level.

Upgrade programs should look at what the fun in Martial Arts is and build friendships. Fun is forever so use it to your advantage and incorporate it into your upgrade program. You should encourage building friendships between your students because a lot of students enjoy Martial Arts because of the friendship they built. Keep in mind that upgrade programs should be tailored for the benefit of your students. The Upgrade program is a reward for your students for all of the hard work they have put into their craft so you as school owners should strive hard to give them the best of the best.

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