10 Best Martial Arts Weapons

10 Best Martial Arts Weapons

Weapon-based martial arts were developed and tested on the battleground. But what are the best martial arts weapons in the world today and throughout history? Hundreds of regional weapon-based martial arts have existed. Fencing, Eskrima, Gatka, Kendo, Krabi-Krabong, Mau Rakau, Kumdo, Nunchaku Do, Siljun Dobup, and Kobudo are among the best.

Weapon-based martial arts are present in almost every ancient culture and tradition around the world. Weapons and weapon-based battles have always been a part of militaries. Today, several of the same techniques are taught in non-military settings. Many individuals still carry on the same cultural practices of the past with honor and devotion in the world’s dojos and martial arts gyms.

In this article, we will look at the top ten martial arts weapons in the world today.

  1. Shurikens


We begin the best martial arts weapons list with one of the smallest yet most versatile weapons ever created. The Japanese shurikens, also known as ninjas, throw stars in school. There’s no doubt you used to make your own shurikens and pretended to be a ninja when you were a kid.

Surprisingly, shurikens were never used by ninjas, contrary to popular belief. Samurai originally used shuriken to attack an enemy’s face or feet. Not fatally, but just enough to stun them enough to draw their blades and finish them off. You could certainly get some speed on a shuriken to produce some damage if you have a good throwing arm. There were many different types of shurikens made from various materials.

  1. Teko-Kagis


Teko-Kagis, or hand claws, are deadly knuckle dusters used in Japan during the Sengoku period. There are numerous types of teko-kagis in various cultures, each with a unique design and name. In Osaka, Teko-Kagis were originally farm tools that ninjas would transform into weapons. Many ninjas were Osaka natives who were well-versed in the early striking arts from which Karate evolved.

Ninjas would utilize teko-kagis in surprise attacks to target their enemies’ vital areas. Throughout the face, neck, and body puncture organs. To rip open an enemy, use either blunt force, punching strikes, or slashing strikes. As a result, they are one of the best martial arts weapons for close combat but not for ranged combat.

  1. Bolo Knife

Bolo Knife

The Filipino knife is a multi-purpose tool used for farming, clearing brush, and combat. It is derived from the machete family of blades, which was popular in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Because the bolo knife is used for so many different things, it has over a dozen different variations. It also depends on the culture that made the knife.

They could be extremely lethal, with a unique handle and blade design. Furthermore, they can be easily transformed into a combat weapon that is balanced, light, and simple to use. The bolo knife is also very durable, earning it a spot on the best martial arts weapons list.

  1. Butterfly Swords

Butterfly Swords

Butterfly swords are single-edged short swords from China. These mid-ranged blades were roughly the size of a person’s forearm arms, which made them readily concealable. Usually, users would hold them in their boots, behind their backs, or on their hips. This made them easy to pull out and use against an adversary.

Many had a guard around the handle for defense and blunt-force attacks. Butterfly swords are extremely well-rounded due to this, as well as their slashing ability. Without a doubt, they are among the best martial arts weapons ever created.

  1. Tiger Hook Swords

Tiger Hook Swords.

Hook swords or tiger hook swords are easily one of the best martial arts weapons ever. Their Chinese name is qian knu ri yue dao, which translates to “heaven, earth, sun, and moon sword.” Northern Chinese Wushu practitioners primarily used tiger hooks swords.

These swords have a double-edged blade, similar to a jian, but with guard blades in the hands. The addition of guards around the handles of the butterfly swords may have been inspired by tiger hook swords. You can fight from a variety of distances with these swords. Traditional sword combat with the main blade or close combat with the handles and ends.

  1. Katana


The katana is not only one of the best martial arts weapons, but it is also one of the most well-known and revered. It was one of the main samurai blades and has been romanticized for centuries. A blade with a single edge and a slight curve, as well as a rounded or square handle.

It is extremely light and balanced, but also extremely sharp. Making a katana is an art form in its own right. The process is meticulous and time-consuming, but the results speak for themselves. The slashing ability of a katana can easily cut through a stack of bamboo or an enemy.

  1. Yumi


Yumi is a Japanese bow used to fire arrows. The yumi has its origin in China, but later became part of the traditional martial arts in Japan. This one particular yumi is made for use during training and has a nice traditional style look to it.

The yumi was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan. This elegant bow is designed for authentic performance and appearance. Its high-performance laminated hardwood core offers superior accuracy, power, and strength for superior arrow flight.

How heavy is a Yumi bow?
Common weight ranges are 30-35 lbs. The yumi is a long-draw bow that packs more punch than you’d think it would based on the weight of the draw.

  1. Tonfa


Tonfa, also known as tong fa, is a type of weapon used in Okinawan martial arts for blocking and striking. The weapon, which is typically shaped like a stick, has a perpendicular handle. The handle is attached about one-third of the way down the stick. Tonfa sticks can also be made of a variety of materials, including oak, hardwood, rubber, and polypropylene.

  1. Wakizashi


Samurai warriors in feudal Japan frequently used Wakizashi. The Japanese weapon is a sword, but it differs from regular swords and the Katana sword. Here’s a quick rundown of how the sword looks: it has a blade that’s usually between 12 and 24 inches long. There are also two kinds of Wakizashi.

Those that are nearly the same length as Katana Swords are referred to as ō-wakizashi. Those that are similar in length to tantō swords are referred to as ko-wakizashi. Wakizashi swords are used as backup or auxiliary swords by feudal Japanese samurai. In the 15th and 16th centuries, they were also used to behead any defeated opponent.

Who is the greatest swordsmith in Japan?
💡The greatest swordsmith is Yoshihara Yoshindo. Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art display his work. He forges swords in his little Tokyo workshop using 1,000-year-old skills.

  1. Kama

The Kama is a martial arts weapon that originated in Japan. The equipment resembles a sickle and is primarily intended for agricultural use. Aside from that, the weapon is required for a variety of other tasks, such as blocking, trapping, and collecting an enemy’s weapons. Furthermore, the weapon comes in pairs; you can choose to use it as a pair or as a single half.

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