Getting Into the School System

All of us got into the martial arts business because we enjoy doing martial arts. Not just that there are also tons of benefits to training martial arts 

How can we get more people to experience the same joy, benefits, and the same values that we feel and learned during the martial arts training? We have to be the ambassador that goes out and let people into our school that will show them the differences the martial arts school can make in their lives. 

One of the huge proponents is building relationships with the community, this is still the best way to grow our school. Try to help kids in your community by getting into the school system going to the classroom and talking to them about how they can become focused, confident, how they can stand up to bullying without fighting through this you can become an expert in helping kids become better kids and in return they’ll come into your school. 

The long goal is how to build a long-term relationship with the school by thinking about how we can help them. The goal is to help and change lives and everything good will come back to you. If you plant the seeds, you will reap the harvest later on. 

You also need to have a printout letter that presents the things you will talk about and give an overview of your school and how long have you been doing it, also gather testimonials from the teachers and schools you gave talked to and send them to the teachers. 

You have 3 goals when you call schools: 

  1. Make your student a hero in front of the kids it will make them feel great.
  2. You want the teacher to impress how professional you are, the message that you deliver, and how you interact with the kids. 
  3. Invite the kids to your school for a free event – doing a community event. 

By the end of the presentation, you ask the teacher how they like your message, and do they think the kids got anything from it. If you get a positive response from the teacher, you’ll then ask if there’s a teacher who is interested to have you do the same presentation. 

I hope this guide is beneficial for your school.

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