30 Monthly Fitness Challenges Ideas You Can Run in Your Gym

Challenges at your gym may be a fantastic way to increase member engagement and pleasure.

To “shock” your body and push yourself to progress, monthly fitness challenges are an ideal way to do it. Busy people have limited time, but the beautiful thing about fitness challenge ideas is that they might challenge you and make you stronger without spending too much time!

If you’re new to fitness challenges, you may be wondering, “How can you possibly commit to anything so long?” Continue reading to learn more about the 30 monthly fitness challenges and which exercise challenge is the most effective.

What Is a Workout Challenge

A workout challenge is different from a workout goal. A workout challenge often includes a goal, a deadline, and tools. A challenge may, for example, include at-home exercises, equipment recommendations, and dietary advice.

Moreover, most things take more than a few days to show results. This is particularly true in the realms of fitness and health. It will take at least a few weeks to notice the benefits. You also want to provide people participating in your challenges with the most excellent chance of succeeding.

Do 30-Day Workout Challenges Work

It takes time to develop new healthy behaviors. However, a 30-day challenge may be an excellent technique in doing so. Choose your challenge carefully to ensure that it corresponds with your objectives and that you have reasonable expectations for what you aim to achieve.

In addition, not all online challenges are created with good intentions. Social media influencers often use challenges to increase interaction for increased ad income, to market their goods, or to brag about themselves.

How do you do monthly challenges?

We’d all want to lose weight. We all wish to improve our abilities in some way. We all have something we want to improve, but it will probably never be improved since we are swinging for the fences. To do the monthly fitness challenges, consider the following:

  • Focus on accomplishing something little every day on your challenge

Your 30-day challenge task should ideally take less than an hour every day. If you’ve never done anything regularly for 30 days before, it would always be best to find something that can be done in 10-15 minutes every day.

Moreover, consistency and repeated effort are required to improve, hone a talent, or lose weight (in this instance).

  • Fill the void if you’re going to remove anything

30-day challenges are fantastic for developing new habits, but you must replace them with something else if you want to leave something out.

Whatever you’re attempting to quit in 30 days, there needs to be something to replace the item you’re giving up, or you’ll revert to your old habits. Using the remove/replace approach, you’ll be surprised at how rapidly you can form new habits and break old ones.

  • Measuring your 30-day challenge is recommended, but not required

The most effective 30-day challenges do not rely on precise measurements. The more things you add to your plate when attempting to perform something regularly for 30 days, the less likely you are to stay with it.

Nevertheless, we live in a measurement-obsessed culture. It’s necessary to disregard these indicators from time to time if you want to get things done. You can always start analyzing and measuring things after your initial 30-day challenge.

What is the most effective workout challenge

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. These monthly fitness challenges are simple to implement and will give you something to aim for in the following days, weeks, or months.

Bodyweight workout challenge for 30 days

If you don’t have access to weights or equipment, bodyweight workouts are an excellent method to keep in shape at home. This bodyweight exercise challenge incorporates short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and mobility. In addition, the challenge’s basis consists of four HIIT exercises each week, with a “burnout move” included every day.

Daily challenges to staying active

While at-home HIIT exercises are the most efficient approach to keeping physically active with limited space and money, being in motion (both physically and emotionally) is critical during these exceptional times. Men’s Health has launched a daily Instagram challenge that involves various short, practical activities meant to keep your mind and body working. It’s simple—for example, one day maybe “side planks,” while another can be “express your sentiments.”

30-day push-up challenge

Push-ups are one of the most influential single workouts available. They improve strength and shoulder strength all in one action. Here’s a task that’s as straightforward as it gets: Every day for 30 days, do 100 push-ups. Do these on your knees, in little increments throughout the day, or whatever works best for you. Try the 30-Day Abs Challenge or 30-Day Plank Challenge if push-ups aren’t your thing.

Monthly fitness challenges ideas

By keeping monthly fitness challenges basic and clear, gym members of all fitness levels may achieve a variety of objectives. If you are looking for challenges that you can run in your gym, check out these 30 monthly fitness challenges ideas:

  1. Ab challenge

As the name implies, the ab exercise challenge is all about developing a rock-hard core and a six-pack. In general, 30-day ab challenges contain a variety of core-focused workouts for people of different skill levels. Because these workouts might be difficult, it is good to restrict them to 30 days.

People usually develop healthy habits and wish to continue after one month of regular exercise. Include crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, mountain climbers, and burpees in your ab workout. This would be excellent for a fitness challenge online.

  1. Running challenges

Running challenges are ideal for gym members because they allow everyone to proceed at their own speed. Set attainable objectives, such as having members run 30 miles in one month – how they choose to gather those miles is entirely up to them!

  1. Cycling challenges

Set up a bicycle challenge, similar to a running challenge. This is particularly beneficial for gym members who cannot run due to weight or joint issues. Moreover, monitoring their status through your software is simple, thanks to leaderboards included with the custom app, which enable participants to monitor their personal and general progress compared to everyone else in this challenge.

  1. Rowing challenges

If your gym has rowing machines, don’t be hesitant to include a rowing challenge in your arsenal of gym member challenges. Crossfit is a huge reason these rowing exercises are so popular because of their cardiovascular intensity and full-body training. Gym members of all sorts will choose to test their mettle on a rowing challenge.

Furthermore, using the digital dashboards on the rowing machines, you can create time, distance, and speed challenges that vary in complexity depending on your company’s clientele. Using the performance health tests included with Exercise.com’s bespoke business software, you’ll be able to determine what challenges your members would be interested in before you even start!

  1. Challenge for the most calories burned

calories burned

Most gym enthusiasts want one thing out of their workout: they want to burn calories.

With this gym challenge, you can delegate control to your members while watching the leaderboards. Tracking progress is made simple by integrating it into your Exercise.com app. Using images and timestamps will help to keep everyone responsible throughout the event. Also, several applications are available that measure calories burnt for certain workouts and durations of time.

  1. Total body fat loss challenge

Physically visible improvement is a major reason why The Biggest Loser was so successful on television. This is a simple gym member challenge that needs no extra equipment or applications with just a snapshot of their weight before and after.

  1. Healthy eating challenge

There are several methods to get your members interested when it comes to eating as part of a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with an exercise challenge. You may have people follow along by sharing images of foods made from a list you’ve developed, whether you’re using an app or a nutrition log to monitor food choices.

  1. Challenge for the most club visits

fitness club visit

A total check-ins gym member challenge is one of the simplest ways to motivate your members to visit the gym. Set a time range for members to check-in; it may be a week, two weeks, a month, or as long as 90 days! Check your fitness business management app’s company dashboard to see who has the most workout visits.

  1. Improve your personal best by 10%


Gym enthusiasts want to become better at their chosen activities, whether walking, jogging, rowing, or lifting weights. Before you begin this challenge, have a day at your gym when everyone who wants to participate may obtain their best number. Combining one gym member challenge with another, such as a healthy eating challenge, is an excellent one-two punch.

  1. Holiday challenges

Set up a year challenge and offer participating gym members 6-months to a year of free service with your company in exchange for completing difficult holiday tasks. This is a great way to get everyone engaged while remaining active over the holidays when most people overindulge.

  1. Active aging challenge

Do you have an older client at your gym or fitness center?

For a member challenge, use an improvement-based theme and build a task tailored for older individuals. Using performance health evaluations, customize the motions and programming to their specific requirements and give an enticing incentive. Create a fair playing field by assessing winners’ progress rather than their speed or power.

  1. Fitness challenge for social accountability

Gym members may participate in the challenge by sharing a workout video on social media for a certain length of time and working out at their local gym or the gym of their trainer. They include your social media profile and provide additional rewards to encourage member participation in this challenge.

  1. 200 jump rope skips in two minutes

This challenge may be either a progressive one that members accomplish over a month or a one-time task that members complete in a week. Jumping rope burns roughly 15 to 20 calories each minute on average. Obviously, at a rate of 200 skips in two minutes, you’ll burn a few more.

Amit Pal, Mukesh, and Ajay Bhaskar (all India) achieved the most skips in one minute (long rope) on 9 April 2021 in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

  1. Total handstand push-UPS

Give members a month to accomplish this challenge before repeating it. With this difficulty, social media is the simplest approach to achieving responsibility. Make the awards appealing enough so that gym members would desire to take on this difficult task. Check out this video for a demonstration of how to execute handstand push-ups.

  1. Bench press your bodyweight

bench press your bodyweight

If the participants in the gym challenge have already achieved this objective, put them in a category for benching their bodyweight the most number of times.

Categories include:

  • Maximum number of bodyweight presses
  • The first person to attain bodyweight on the bench

Also, if you have a lot of the first, divide them into 5 rep increments or bodyweight courses.

  1. Front raise a 10KG plate for two minutes

This is the minimum criteria for F1 drivers, who are among the highest-paid racing car drivers in the business. If the majority of your gym members can already achieve this challenge, consider increasing the weight or time limit.

  1. Perform 20 pull-ups in a row

One of the most common methods for achieving this aim is, to begin with, a single set in the morning with fresh muscles and follow it up with another in the evening. This difficult challenge, which requires rest every other day, may be established for any number of people after employing performance health evaluations to determine whether or not members can do pull-ups and, if so, how many.

💡 Give members something useful for such tasks, such as callus shavers, and keep the challenges coming.

  1. Perform 10 one-arm press-UPS

one arm press ups

The foundation position for this challenge is positioning your feet apart, with lat muscles held in place. Who will be the first to ten if no one else can achieve it?

This is also a terrific challenge to set for yourself as a fitness group leader. Give members social media recognition for their efforts, as well as awards for the ultimate outcome.

  1. Pull-up ladder

Perform a pull-up ladder, increasing the number of repetitions from one to 10 as quickly as you can. Rest when you need to, but the goal is to finish the whole ladder in the shortest amount of time possible.

  1. 30-day walking challenge

This walking challenge is all about the fitness member and their current level of fitness. You may choose a general distance or duration for this challenge, and then determine winners based on the number of miles walked in that period or the time it takes to go the distance.

  1. 30-day chair fitness challenge

chair workout

Want to exercise but are having difficulty with body weight and/or balance? This gym training challenge we discovered on The Refinery is based on the use of an object that almost everyone has at home: a chair.

Challengers will be able to get a workout in without leaving their homes by utilizing bridges, lunges, incline push-ups, and knee lifts.

  1. Squat challenge

These days, the squat is more of a beloved exercise and less of a hated one in the fitness industry.

Running a squat challenge will appeal to a wide range of participants and deliver quick results, too. With so many different types of squat variations available, you can teach a different type either daily or weekly, and have members follow along and figure out which ones not only work the best for each individual but which ones appeal to each the most.

  1. Mindfulness challenge

A mindfulness challenge encourages the practice of being in the present moment. As a result, you will feel less stressed, anxious, and more at ease. Daily chores with clear instructions would be part of a mindfulness challenge. A mindfulness notebook, guided meditation videos, and relaxing audio instruction might all be included.

  1. Hydration challenge

Adequate hydration is essential for health and wellbeing, yet studies reveal that the majority of individuals don’t drink enough. Running a hydration challenge is an excellent method to help individuals develop healthy habits while also making them feel better.

Within a few days, most participants report greater energy and better skin. Provide instructions and suggestions for promoting water consumption, as well as hydration-related rewards such as fruit infuser water bottles.

  1. Flexibility challenge

A flexibility challenge is developing a training regimen with the goal of increasing flexibility. The issue with flexibility is that everyone is unique. What is simple for one person is quite tough for another. It’s a good idea to give beginner, intermediate, and expert alternatives for this challenge so that people may execute the appropriate exercise for their skill.

  1. Personal best challenge 

distance run

A personal best challenge may be beneficial in a variety of fitness categories. Distance ran, weight lifted, fitness, the number of gym visits and the number of class streams might all be considered. Begin by deciding on an objective and a timetable. Then you may go backward to determine what more you need to provide to assist members advance on their fitness journey.

  1. Distance challenge

This challenge, like the walking challenge, may incorporate steps but focuses on distance. Swimming, biking, running, or any other form of cardio activity that needs you to go a long distance might be included. Connect the challenge to fitness trackers and smartwatches so that users don’t have to do anything to monitor and participate. This may also assist members to prepare for major events such as marathons.

  1. One punch man challenge 

Following a workout inspired by a Manga character who is claimed to be the strongest guy in the world is rather inspiring. It also helps that the exercise consists of fundamental motions like push-ups and sit-ups that have been amplified by up to 100 times.

  1. The 30 day jump rope challenge

The jump rope may seem to be a toy from your youth, but it has swiftly evolved into a dependable training strategy that helps you to burn calories quickly while increasing general coordination.

You don’t even need to hire a personal trainer: The 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge is a smartphone app in and of itself, allowing you to follow pre-programmed routines and measure your progress effortlessly. You’ll be able to design your own challenges here, including diverse jump rope abilities like backward leaps and single-leg jumps for variation.

  1. T-minus 30

T-Minus 30 is an obstacle course training program designed with the Tough Mudder course in mind. It offers calendars and training plans to help you lose weight and get in shape whether you intend to do an obstacle course event or not. Hunter McIntyre, a four-time Tough Mudder X winner, created:

  • 21 distinct exercises, five days of labor every week, and one day of mobility
  • tips on hydration, food, and right footwear, as well as how to prepare for race day
  • pointers on overcoming the Mudder’s most difficult challenges

30 Day Low Impact Challenge

Looking for a simple workout challenge that you can begin right away? This 30-day low-impact exercise challenge will get you moving and gaining muscle in as little as a few minutes every day. You may include this into your everyday routine regardless of your fitness level!

Day 1:

Day 1
  • 20 Sit-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Squats
  • 30 Seconds Plank

Day 2: Jump Rope

Day 2
  • 2 Minutes Skips Non-stop

Days 3 to 6:

Day 3-6
  • 10 Bodyweight Squats
  • 5 Push-ups
  • 20 Minute Walk

Day 7: Rest

Day 7

Day 8:

  • 15 Minutes Walk
  • 2 Minutes Skips Non-stop

Day 9 to 12:

  • 10 Minutes of Slow stretching
  • 10 Slow Squats
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Low Weight Dumbbell Presses
  • 20 Minutes Walk

Day 13: Rest

Day 14 to 16:

  • 42 Sit-ups
  • 14 Push-ups
  • 42 Squats
  • 1 Minute Plank

Day 17 to 20:

  • 20 Minute Power Walk
  • 10 Minutes Slow Stretching
  • 10 Slow Squats
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Low Weight Dumbbell Presses
  • 20 Minutes Walk

Day 21: Rest

Day 22: Jump Rope

  • 4 Minutes Skips Non-stop (two sets)

Day 23 to 30:

  • 60 Sit-ups
  • 16 Push-ups
  • 60 Squats
  • 90 Seconds Plank

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