When A Parent Says My Child Doesn’t Want To Do It Anymore

“My child longer doesn’t want to do martial arts anymore.”

And for a lot of martial arts school owners, this is like an uppercut and would be asking “why”.

I encourage you to feel excited when that happens and tell the parents…

“I’m so happy that you are here and most importantly I’m happier and excited that your child wants to quit.”

With that, the parents will give you a baffled reaction.

Then tell them this.

“Let me ask you a question, do you remember when you walk into our school and took a tour and you saw that big writing in the mirror we are a blackbelt school and your goal is to become a black belt. After the introduction, we shared our philosophy of the school and we mentioned in the beginning that the student will be evaluated in a short program to see if the student has what it takes to become a black belt apprentice and we asked your child about the importance of that commitment and the promise they have made for themselves.”

Explain to the parents that they’ll have a tremendous opportunity to really teach their child the importance of overcoming adversity and teach them to persevere, not quit, and stay forward. 

We have the opportunity to teach them that or just let them quit and think about what is in their best interest, but encourage the parents to not force them to do something they do not enjoy, but convince them if it’s in their best interest.

Tell the parents that when their child says that they want this, the next thing as a parent is to enforce what that means, the responsibility and the work that comes with it, and one day your children will look back one day and say thank you for not letting them quit.

That is one of the most important values that you will teach your child and we are your third-party allies to do this. 

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