The Importance of Having Standard Operating Procedures


It is an acronym for “Standardized Operating Procedures.”

Standard Operating Procedures, aka “business systems,” were responsible for the rapid opening of 200 locations in the 1970s in only a few years.

When you create SOPs, you take something complicated and break them up into step-by-step tasks almost anyone can follow and consistently succeed.

It’s one of the reasons Spark Membership Software is so helpful because it, too, is based on successful martial arts business systems.

An enrollment conference is an excellent example of an SOP. It’s something you can systematize. And it’s wise to organize to create highly trained staff members who consistently produce results.

You can systematize everything by writing down the steps.

Creating SOPs (business systems) is pretty straightforward. They are just checklists of what to do for a specific task.

Here are some simple tasks you can systematize:

  • Your marketing
  • Your events
  • Your class structure
  • Your communication
  • Your sales process
  • The way you greet your members
  • Your rank testings

Write down the outline. Then practice it for a while and notice what needs to be tweaked, what needs to be eliminated, and what works great.

Then you monitor your results and adjust.

You deserve success. You impact lives.

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