How Robert Butturini Enrolled Over 100 Members in March


Martial arts have transformed many people: kids not being bullied anymore, kids that were full of themselves and were disrespectful became humble and respectful, and adults that are stressed walked out of the studio being fit and distressed.

I want you to meet Robert Butturini, based in Tennessee. He was able to enroll 100 new members in his martial arts school just for a single month. He shared that he can double his income ever since he joined Spark Membership. 

He shared in his interview with Master Ron Sell that he honored his success with his staff. 

Just like any other martial arts school they also after school camps membership, summer camps are one of the biggest contributions that brought this increase in numbers, with these programs saved him and his staff from the pandemic.

COVID-19 didn’t stop him from thriving in his business, as a matter of fact, he added new programs. He did multiple things and revenue streams to reach this number. 

Even prior to COVID, they were heavily involved in the community especially sponsoring schools just to bring in students. 

One of the things that are really instrumental towards his success and the massive result is the mindset shift – getting involved and getting back to the community and just by coming from a place of wanting to help.

Being a giver first and your efforts will multiply – doing it for the right reason and having a good product is going to sell itself without the paid marketing efforts. 

Robert also shared what a good martial arts product would look like. For him, it’s about his instructors who treat the students well and care for them – the way his instructor nurtures their students are reflected in their teaching—additionally, the cleanliness of the facility and the staff.

Lastly, he shared how SPARK Membership helps his business thrive by helping him and his staff save many hours by generating all of the invoices and putting them all together. What he also loves about SPARK is that it’s constantly evolving. The software is easy enough for the staff to navigate in day-to-day operations. Especially on holiday, they don’t need to worry about working on a lot in the backend because SPARK automates and does it for them. 

I hope Robert’s story gives us the awareness to elevate our own mindset, and if you have no extra time to do the work, want to have more time with your family, want to organize your business, and want everything to be easy – that’s what SPARK software is for. 

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If you want to grow the members of your gym, spark membership offers you a great way to do it by helping you manage and run the gym better.

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