How It Works

Need a pathway to guide your customers from their first touchpoint all the way to that final sale?


A website funnel is a powerful tool for any business looking to build an online presence and drive sales. It takes your visitors from the first touch point to the final sale, guiding them through all the important steps along the way.


With this feature,  you can get the customized funnel needed to build your business and reach your goals. This provides an innovative and streamlined solution designed to increase your sales and profits while simplifying attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Personalized Funnels

Our website funnel creation process is personalized to fit your unique business and goals, so you can be sure you are getting a funnel that works for you.

Increased Visibility

Increase the visibility and ranking of your website so that more potential customers can find you online.

Increased Sales

With our website funnel creation services, you can increase your sales and revenue and get the results that you need to succeed.

Free Up Your Time

Run Your Whole School in One Place
With Spark’s Smart Dashboard

See billing, revenue
& metrics for a clear snapshot of performance and growth.

Track leads, trials & memberships to boost active student numbers.

Manage everything in one place: contacts, email history, tasks, projects and more.

Simplify appointment management with
a live calendar.

Jumping between software and browser tabs to run your school?
That’s no way to run an efficient business. Spark lets you easily manage every part of your school
all in one place, saving you time and giving you a complete picture day-to-day.

Make Your Business Hum
with the Spark Member App

Manage your school from your smartphone and create deeper connections with your members
with the free Spark Member App. Available on iPhone or Android.

And so much more…

Looking to Create Funnels & Landing
Pages For Your Business?

Effortlessly manage your member-based business, attract more members, and increase revenue with this all-in-one software solution.