False Sense of Confidence

False Sense of Confidence

In today’s world parenting has changed tremendously.

Generation change also comes with inevitable consequences and one of them is instilling a false sense of confidence. 

For instance, giving your children a trophy at the end of soccer season does not reinforce a true sense of confidence. 

The saying “No Pain, No Gain” is exceptionally true, the agony of defeat is a very powerful tool if it’s instilled correctly in our children. 

As a parent, we have to take the opportunity to build up their self-esteem in a positive way so that when they reach a certain point in life then reality does not smack them hard. 

That mom and dad told them that life is part of failing and failing is a stepping stone to success. 

That there is a value in failure, by experiencing failure your children will get to know themselves better and they’ll learn from their mistakes as a way to improve themselves. 

So, I hope that you will allow your children to experience failure it will help build their self-awareness. 

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