Why Building Your Instructor Team is Essential to Your School

Why Building Your Instructor Team is Essential to Your School

Every Martial Arts school values bench strength. Build your teaching team. Attending unique events (e.g., instructor college, instructor vacation) can stimulate, thrill, and revitalize your educators. Motivate everyone. Motivate them to educate better. Through this, both your teacher team and your pupils will thrive.

Enroll your instructors in instructor certification events to inspire and educate them. Great teachers are inspiring. They should set goals for their students and a target number. Through experiences like these, they learn to be better teachers and more engaged in class. These events will also drive kids to develop end-of-term goals and teach them how to achieve them. Going into instructor certification, having someone motivate, inspire, thrill, and back them on martial arts and being an exceptional instructor. Your instructor team will be energized and ready to teach after these activities.

There are four key principles when it comes to teaching any technique;

  1. Demonstrate it, make it exciting for your students,
  2. Teach it where they follow along and you do it with them. Make it powerful.
  3. Drill it
  4. The last one is the performance. This is where the transformation is. If your instructor team is strong, everyone will see it through your students. The result will reflect how well your instructor team is. No matter which age group your instructors belong – some of them can be as young as 6 years old, if they have the power to motivate and teach the students then it will definitely show in the students’ performances.

As instructors, they are one of the biggest factors when it comes to bringing change to the community. The kids look up to them, and together, we’re all going to change the world. That’s the power of Martial Arts, the power of community. We do not only teach and hone kids into becoming martial arts masters but we’re also bringing change into our community.

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