Tips to Stop Kids from Interrupting Your Conference

Tips to Stop Kids from Interrupting Your Conference

Have you ever had enrollment conferences and when you’re presenting the program and talking to the parents and the child is lashing and interrupting the parent?

It’s important during the enrollment conference that you get the full attention of the parents.

One of the ways to do that is to keep the kids distracted.

We would highly recommend you have a welcome packet to be given to the parents after the trial period ends.

The welcome packet includes a student manual, a water bottle with our label on it, and a toy. The toy that we would recommend is called “the jumping gem” which you can buy on Amazon. 

Here’s the link to the toy if you want to check it out: Jumping Emoji Popper Spring Launchers Toy Bouncy Party Favors Supplies and Goodie Bag Fillers for Kids

Ask the kid to play with the toy and how high they can shoot it up and they’ll play with it. 

Once they do, you can go on with the conference and have a smooth and uninterrupted enrollment conference with the parents by keeping the child occupied.

As a school owner, it’s always important to take into consideration how to manage things that would potentially distract the parents, especially since the enrollment conference is an opportunity for the parents to get to know more about your school – your vision, mission, core values and most importantly how things operate inside your school. 

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