3 Powerful Techniques for Martial Arts School Owners to Impress Potential Students

3 Powerful Techniques for Martial Arts School Owners

I want to share with you three incredible techniques that my schools use to make a lasting impression on new potential students. These techniques are designed to instantly showcase the benefits of martial arts and can make all the difference when it comes to enrollment. So, let’s dive right in.

The Powerful Welcome

The Powerful Welcome

The first technique is all about creating a powerful welcome. Instead of the usual “Can I help you?” approach, try something different. When a new visitor walks in, start by introducing yourself to the parent and then to the child. Give the child a friendly high-five and ask, “What’s your name? What’s your favorite color?” This simple interaction helps establish a connection and makes the child feel comfortable.

But here’s the key: While talking to the child, emphasize the importance of eye contact. Teach them to look into your eyes when you speak. Make it a fun game by asking, “When I teach you, what do you look at?” The child will respond with “eyes,” and you can reward them with another high-five. Encourage them to practice this not only at the school but also at home with their parents. It’s a powerful way to convey the value of respect and discipline in martial arts.

Yes, Sir!

Yes, Sir!

The second technique is a game-changer. After teaching the child to maintain eye contact, introduce the phrase “Yes, sir.” Have them repeat it multiple times. This simple act not only reinforces respect but also demonstrates that martial arts is about more than just physical techniques. It’s about instilling values and discipline. Parents will appreciate this focus on character development, not just kicking and punching.

The Student Creed

The Student Creed

Now, you’ve got their attention, and it’s time to delve deeper. Mention the “Student Creed” early on. Explain that it’s the foundation of your school’s philosophy. Start with the part about “courtesy.” Ask the child to say “courtesy” and then explain that it means respect—treating everyone the way you want to be treated. Emphasize that if they’re kind and respectful, others will treat them the same way.

To drive the point home, involve the parent by asking them about their child’s behavior at home. For example, ask if the child responds promptly when called by their name. Teach the child to answer with “Yes, Mom” or “Yes, Dad” when called the first time. Show the parent that you’re not just teaching martial arts; you’re helping shape better habits and behaviors.

These three techniques are incredibly powerful in showcasing the benefits of martial arts and setting your school apart. By focusing on respect, discipline, and character development, you’ll not only impress potential students and their parents but also build the credibility of your martial arts school. So, go ahead and give these techniques a try, and watch your enrollment numbers soar.

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