The Importance of Your USP in The Martial Arts Industry

The importance of your USP in the Martial Arts Industry

I had a friend of mine. My friend and I love Florida sewing crafts. And we just started a season for it. So he is going to venture out to be a serial entrepreneur, meaning he will have multiple different types of businesses. USP, a unique selling point. So, he’s going into a business that is wildly popular in certain geographical areas of the country. And I think there’s a tremendous opportunity for what he’s doing here in Florida.

So, sometimes, taking an existing formula that is widely used in an industry and turning that into a unique selling point means taking something that is already common in your industry and making it uncommon. Now think about that. How powerful is that?

He discovered that the key ingredient is not made from scratch, meaning that when you walk into the store to order this product, the key ingredient is all mass-produced. So, his unique selling product was made with the main ingredient of freshness. So, his customer gets to experience what they commonly experience uncommonly. How powerful is that?

That made me think of the martial arts in our industry: Taekwondo and BJJ. When brand-new student walks in for the first time, what can they experience about the U.S.P. and your school when they go to the next, next, next academy that you know for a fact, they’re not going to experience that U.S.P.

You have to discover that, and I’m going to help you get there halfway through. And under halfway, it’s where you have to get creative. The first person halfway through is you. You are the USP; you are the unique experience. First, understand that the experience they need to have that is uniquely different from any other school in your town when they first walk into your school has to be “boom!” You! You! You! And then the next thing is creating something powerful that you’re not going to get in a lot of schools.

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