Tips In Writing Successful Membership Renewal Letter For A Martial Arts School

One of the most essential components of your marketing revenue and strategy is your membership renewal campaign. That’s why you have to have a good time thinking about what you’ll include in it. No matter how frustrating it can be, writing your membership renewal letter should still stay on top of your to-do list to stay on top of your membership campaign.

As you prepare for this year’s membership renewal campaign, be sure not to send the same message from last year. Content plays a vital role in your association’s membership renewal process. Although not all of the members take the time even to open every email from your dojo, you have to impact anyone who cares enough to read it. Sometimes, because your renewal letters are much more than reminders to pay up, people tend to mark them as spam emails or as junk mail.

Even when you know what you want to convey to members, a blank screen can be daunting when it’s time to compose membership renewal letters most especially for a martial arts school. There’s a lot at stake with these letters — if you struggle to write them, you’re not alone.

With that in mind, here are five suggestions to help improve your membership renewal letter for your martial arts school:

  1. Write a great subject line

Subject lines with 6 to 10 words deliver the highest open rate. This may be in part due to the shorter cutoff point for subject lines that are read on smartphones. See some subject line tips for your member renewal letter and consider these examples:

  • Your access to all the fun stuff expires in x days
  • Why popular member name renewed, and why you should too
  • Discount code inside for first 10 Gold Member renewals

  1. Write a thank-you note

A simple expression of gratitude can go a long way toward driving membership renewals. Thank members for their membership. Acknowledge how long they have been a member and anyways they have volunteered or contributed to your association. You may add this message at the beginning of your membership renewal letter. Remember, you don’t need to keep this long, this isn’t the highlight of your message.

  1. Be persuasive while offering the specifics

Make your members realize the value of your services or products in their day-to-day lives. You can mention the awards that you got through the years, the important milestones that you achieved in your business, and a statistic of the amazing people that you’ve helped so far.

Also, remind members of the benefits they have not yet taken advantage of, and that there’s still time to do so. Reinforce the value of membership by reminding them of the benefits they have taken advantage of, such as event discounts and learning opportunities, and let members know about upcoming events and opportunities they’ll miss out on if they do not renew.

  1. Maximize the use of your CRM

Remember, your membership data is right at your fingertips, and now you can access it in just a few clicks of your mouse if you have a CRM. Using these data, you can personalize renewal letters or even your monthly newsletters.

To maximize its use, you can begin the process by thinking about what sets your members different from each other – for example:

  • Do you have a number of categories or membership levels? (Basic, Special, Premium, All Access)
  • Do you organize your list based on membership status? (new member, active member; long-standing member, inactive/ lapsed member, former/returning member)
  • Do you record engagement data? (e.g., volunteer activity; attendance at events or professional development sessions; involvement in committees or task forces; etc.)

💡 The more you know about your members, the more you can personalize the letter or email to speak directly to them.Sparks Membership

  1. Don’t forget to be extra extra

In your letter, offer an option for member feedback. It’s especially important to listen to your members, so include a link to a survey that asks them about their pain points. This is a great way to understand your members better and determine what factors might influence their decision to renew.

You should also include a personal signature, and perhaps even a headshot of your executive director or membership manager to close out your emails. This adds a personal touch that can be much more compelling than a “corporate” approach.

Aside from that, don’t forget to include the lapsed members in your campaign. Just because they forgot or decided not to renew previously doesn’t mean they won’t come back.

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