How I Am Creating More Value for Retention and Enrollments

One of the most important areas that we need to focus on as school owners are by creating value as it’s equal to retention and enrollment. As a martial arts school owner, we are delivering that by creating a weekly theme. 

It’s important that as a school owner you have a member’s only page for all of your students. In your enrollment protocol, ask them to take their phone out and ask them to like your business page and ask them to join your members-only page.

Make a weekly schedule of the values that we teach as a martial artist – discipline, focus, respect, determination, perseverance, integrity and so much more. 

What we are doing every week, every Monday we post the theme of the week. Towards the end of the week, I give a motivational message on that particular theme.

This is one of the ways to create value with you and your students by letting them know that your program is more than just kicking and punching.

It’s important to stay positive and inspired. It only takes one to make a difference and the power of one belongs to us and it also belongs to you. Let the students and parents know that you are there to make a difference and how martial arts impacts you and your life. 

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Looking for the Cheapest Is the Most Expensive

One of the things that a lot of business owners do is to save which is a very important business owner characteristic trait to have.

But in the long run, it can have an adverse effect which can cost you more money and time.

One of the most important attributes you must have as a business owner is not looking to save or looking for the least expensive.

You have to look for the value. 

You have to make a decision on value rather than the price tag.

When you are looking at something for your school, don’t get the cheapest one because in the long run cheap is expensive – it doesn’t have the quality, the craftsmanship, and the longevity. 

The higher price you pay, the higher value you get in return is much greater. 

You could have bought cheaper but the value is nowhere equal if you paid a little bit higher quality. 

It’s very important to understand that investing a little bit more of your dollar into a higher caliber product, service, or software you have to look at the return of value. 

Make a decision for value and always look for the higher quality of products, it may cost you a lot of money but in the long run, your return on investment is going to be greater. 

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If you want to grow the members of your gym, spark membership offers you a great way to do it by helping you manage and run the gym better.