What Is the Number One Silent Killer Within All of Us?

What Is the Number One Silent Killer Within All of Us

Did you know that stress is the number one silent killer within all of us? Stress is so powerful; it can do so much damage mentally, physically, and emotionally. Now think about this: stress is something that happens externally around us, in our environment, and it is taken internally, and that’s where the stress can do a lot of damage.

So it begins outside, enters us, and the next most important thing is what many of us fail to do: once inside, we must release it externally again, and how we deal with stress, how humans deal with stress, how each of us deals with stress is unique.

There are only two ways to deal with stress: positively or negatively. And unfortunately, a lot of people deal with stress in a negative way.

  1. They don’t do anything about it; it just eats them up internally.
  2. You can control it and rerelease it.

A lot of people deal with it internally, like they eat internal stress. They consume more internally or use more internally, which could be pharmaceuticals or drugs. In my personal opinion, one of the most powerful ways we need to release stress is externally, through physical exercise. That is the only medication that’s available to every one of us without a prescription from my doctor. So think about this and release your stress. Do not hold it in.

💡 Even stepping away from something stressful for a few minutes or taking a break from your usual thoughts and routines can help you feel better.

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