3 Areas I Focus On to Defy & Define My Time

3 Areas I Focus On to Defy & Define My Time

Mother nature is a formidable opponent, particularly in terms of the use of your time.

No matter how powerful, wealthy, and no matter what the circumstances are time – the power of God is something that we would never conquer. 

In the first half of our lives the time is for us, the second half of our lives the time is against us, and we have to defy time by developing the discipline to make into the second half that time is given to us. 

The only way to do that is to stay healthy and it takes discipline and focus.

Sometimes our motivation is our daily way of life and sometimes we forget the question “what is our motivation?”

Is it for your family?

Is it for your passion?

Is it to accomplish the goal?

Whatever your motivations are find them and make it a priority to defy the time that is given to you – the only way to do that is to be disciplined and focus and live a healthier way of life: mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

In order to be a centered human being you have to be mentally strong, physically strong, and spiritually strong, and as martial artists we have to consistently work on that.

Being physically strong nourishes our self-esteem, and our soul and it allows our minds to be more focused. 

Ask yourself this question, what is it going to take for you to lead a healthier and better version of yourself?

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5 Basic Components Your Classes Should Have

Teaching classes is the main product that we have and as a school, we have to make sure it is impactful and powerful. 

These are the basic key components in a class that your instructors should review to build an exciting class for students: 

  1. Having fun

You want your classes to be fun. As an instructor you have to look at your class plan and decide how you can make it fun, it makes you more excited and both children and adults are always looking forward to having fun. 

  1. Friendship

Building friendships in class. Based on statistics, the #1 reason why people stay in martial arts is because of their friends. So we want to mix a class that is fun and builds friendships. We can do a lot of combat sprints – by partnering with somebody, they count and cheer for you and learn how you can be a better teammate in that aspect of the class. 

  1. Motivation

We want to make sure our class is motivating, exciting, and empowering. As an instructor, be there and have the charisma and empower your students. Each student must at least be empowered 3x, and that’s where your assistant comes into place. Your assistant should go to each person and empower them so they will go to class feeling excited and motivated. 

  1. Martial arts

Make sure you have a dynamic, relevant, and exciting curriculum. You can mix the traditional martial arts, do a sparring experience and upgrade training experience. Through this, it will create a high level of martial artists. 

  1. Transformation

Students are getting stronger, they got better at the techniques. Doing cool drills and challenges makes them better martial artists and has a dynamic and fun experience for the students. 

Remind them of everything that they have learned in class. Be in a mindset as an instructor that every student in the class is progressing.

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The Best Gym Challenges That Will Keep Your Members Motivated

It can often be difficult for members to find the motivation to work out. It is not uncommon for many people to purchase basic gym memberships at specific points in their life, only to have obstacles presented to them along the way. Some make commitments to health and fitness during the new years or because of recent fads, and that excitement of starting something new fades. This can present a problem, as your clients will not attend their regular gym sessions and may slow down or regress on their goals. A recent dedicated research study shows that providing an entertaining and challenging atmosphere is a great way to increase attendance and motivation.

What is a gym challenge

Group of people doing fitness challenge

Simply put, a challenge is usually a way to have the person being challenged achieve their goal in a certain timeframe that they may not have thought previously possible. Gym-goers often do not have a specific goal, as “lose weight” and “look good” are extremely vague ambitions and do not dive deep into their health and fitness expectations.

By pinpointing a specific goal for your members, you can take a more structured approach to fitness goals and eventually stack these challenges together to create a lasting habit. Remember that the objective of these challenges is not necessarily the result but showing members that results are achievable. Members should feel empowered after completing the challenge to regularly keep up with their new successful regime and consult their team if any modifications should be made to the progress.

Benefits of gym challenges

Group of people doing fitness challenge
  • Accountability 

Gym challenges are often done in a group setting. A group is where accountability lies, as group members are less likely to let down their team members than they are to let themselves down. The potential ridicule, awkwardness, and slow progression will hold members accountable for their actions. You may begin to see faces around the gym that you haven’t seen in a while, as accountability will force you to take responsibility for your actions.

  • Praise and encouragement 

Building on the above, progress will naturally come when someone feels more accountable for their health and fitness. Not only will team members praise and encourage each other, but you and your team need to recognize the strides and improvements of your members.

  • Building community 

Gym groups will often pair like-minded people together to work towards a goal. Relationships and culture will be made along the way, promoting and fostering an inclusive and fun environment. If your members feel a great sense of accomplishment and community, they are more likely to stay.

  • Brand recognition and retention 

As your community grows, so will your retention and referral rates. Due to price, people don’t leave, and they leave toxic or neutral environments. Ensure you have proper member management software to onboard and schedule new and existing clients.

What elements are members looking for

An excellent gym challenge incorporates three elements: A specific goal, a timeline to achieve it, and how it will be achieved. For example, prevalent fitness challenges include a 30-day timeline. This could be for bodyweight training, Yoga, CrossFit, weight lifting, or specific exercises such as plank and pushups. Thirty days is an excellent timeline as it may show some minimal results, but more importantly, it develops a sustainable schedule to adhere to.

5 best gym challenges to keep your members motivated

  1. Cycling challenges

Gym members using  stationary bicycles

This can be both on stationary bicycles at your fitness Centre, or at home to be tracked with an app. Hold members accountable and encourage them to group up with other members if possible, as it will benefit them greatly.

  1. Running/step challenges

These have become especially popular during the pandemic, as walking and running can be done anywhere, and pedometers are free on every smartphone. Tracking is made easy, and accountability can be done as a check-in for every session.

  1. 30-day challenges 

As mentioned earlier in the article, 30-day challenges are extremely popular, not only for their short timeframe of results but also for building a lasting fitness schedule and healthier eating habits.

  1. Yoga challenges

Another exercise and discipline which has gained popularity in our newer, remote environment is Yoga. Yoga classes can even be held online and are location agnostic. Accountability can be taken in every class or every scheduled group lesson.

Yoga is one of the world’s oldest known physical practices, dating back over 5000 years. This is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise that is practiced by an estimated 300 million people worldwide today. Yoga, coupled with meditation, has been shown in studies to help slow the aging process.

  1. Rowing challenges

A group of people rowing

It is widely known amongst gym professionals that rowing is the most effective compound cardio exercise as it involves a full-body workout of all muscle groups. Pairing this with a 30-day challenge should provide more positively shocking results than a standard 30-day treadmill challenge.

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