No Pain, No Gain

No pain no gain

No pain, no gain this is a mindset that can really help you push yourself. 

For example, when we work out, we make it to the point of pushing ourselves to a threshold of pain, and the reason why we sometimes do that is to increase self-discipline, and pushing ourselves will take us to the next level. 

Every single one of us has pains but the challenge here is being mindful, being mentally aware of the pain that we are experiencing. 

Here is the challenge, if you don’t do something about that pain, it will become painless. 

And if you are a school owner and if you really want to break out towards your triple-digit students but if you are not doing anything about it then it becomes painless and you will get complacent. 

So you have to be constantly aware of the pain that you are experiencing because awareness of the pain allows you to take action and find the solution.

Don’t let the pain linger around too long because it disappears and then comes back. 

It’s also the same thing as running a school, as school owners we need to be aware of the challenges that we are experiencing in operating our school and find solutions to them. 

Let your pain be the motivator to take the action.

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