Larry Kooyman Shares Insights on How He Uses SPARK MEMBERSHIP To Thrive


Meet Larry; he owns two schools in Middle Tennessee. He has been with SPARK Membership for years and exclaimed that it had been a game-changer for his business. It has allowed them to maximize their effect and gives their staff a tool that they need to be able to serve their students, and the most crucial part SPARK has allowed them to know the 10,000-foot view of the schools so they can do strategic planning for the future. 

Larry shared a piece of advice that every school owner should do, and it is to keep track of their stats and SPARK software dashboard has been extremely helpful for him to give an overview of the current statistics of the business.

Some of the beneficial features for their school are trial maximizers and new student maximizers that also allow them to see who gives them low ratings on the classes so they can reach out and discover what will make this student enjoy classes. 

As a CEO, the features that he still relies on SPARK are the automation that he heavily relies on to which now his staff is now focusing on exploring the lead and trial maximizers features, and it allows the staff to be on the floor be making a difference in their teaching. 

Larry encourages all of the school owners who are currently using SPARK to utilize all of the features, take one aspect of it and continuously improve on it and you have a handle on that. Go back and do something else that will keep you getting better and better. 

This is the last piece of advice that Larry shared for school owners: to go back and look at the training and learn. Think about the time you will save by using SPARK and think about how you can turn that time into something bigger that will better impact your community, student, and your family. 

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