9 Ways How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

The current pandemic, especially triggered by COVID 19 is giving stay-at-home orders to most sections of society. Hence, recreational centers, including plush yoga studios, are forced to shut their doors across the US and UK. So, there were two options the yoga creators were left with:

  1. Yoga Creators shut down their businesses and lose their revenue altogether.
  2. Else, acclaimed yoga trainers use their creativity using webcams and the internet

Most of the trainers opted for the 2nd option as this is their lucrative source of living, Afterall. So, let us discover 9 ways how to become a yoga instructor online. Shall we get started with the same?

  1. Zoom

Zoom Logo - How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Zoom is a video conferencing app that lets students and tutors interactively have their training programs. As the app supports live streaming of sessions, you get a feel of being in a physical class. Yoga trainers can have their studios up and running. Zoom links can be sent to every participant 30 minutes before the start of an online yoga class. The students can join 15 minutes before the commencement of the actual session. This way, they can enjoy talking to one another via the online forum. This way, the students in the yoga training camp can get to enjoy some community space as well. 

What are the upsides of using Zoom?

  1. The app provides a personalized connection between the students and the mentors.
  2. Highly personalized or interactive sessions can be accommodated. You have Chat, a Video recorder, and many in-built tools this portfolio can provide you with. 

What are the downsides of using Zoom?

Zoom does not support large groups. Hence, if you have a class strength of 20 plus students, you may need to re-consider another digital app.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

For close-knitted classes, you can conveniently make use of Microsoft Teams. This is an entirely free interactive interface hub for online tutors across the globe. Hence, yoga trainers can prep up on the equipment and start taking classes without a hassle. Just like Zoom, you can schedule your calendar for students. You can allow 20-25 students to join a batch. The students can log on to the Scheduled Calendar by which multiple sessions or classes can be scheduled.

What are the upsides of using Microsoft Teams?

  1. It is completely free. The product is available to you once you have purchased Microsoft Office.
  2. You can live stream your sessions using a web camera.
  3. You also have screen-sharing options. These include Whiteboard or other screens. 
  4. It is a super-interactive session between the trainer and his/her students.

What are the downsides of using Microsoft teams?

Heavy video coverage is not compatible for use on Teams. Hence, if you have a plush studio-styled center, you cannot provide comprehensive coverage using the web screen on Microsoft teams. 

  1. Can you get hands-on with U-screen?


This online web interface platform has an amazingly cool storage capacity. You can store an unlimited number of videos or live-streaming sessions inside the ever-expanding library space, which the interface can provide you with. Apart from video sessions, live events can be organized too. 

What are the upsides of using U Screen?

  1. You can build online communities robustly and engagingly.
  2. It is a user-friendly interface. As an online Yoga trainer, even if you are not all that tech-savvy, you can hold your virtual sessions in a similar style. 

  1. Thinkific does it all


Thinkific is another user-friendly interface online yoga tutors can get hands-on. Yoga trainers can create fresh and engaging content for their students. Again, it is a highly user-friendly platform as you can upload content in a seamlessly easy-going manner. The web interface also provides you with good storage capacities. You can upload week-long content or video tutorials to keep things more organized. You have basic or free packages. Again, for a better interactive or online experience, studio Yoga designers opt for Pro packages paying the specified subscription fees. Hence, Thinkific is a full-service online portfolio by which you can host your online curriculum in style and comfort.

What are the upsides of using Thinkific?

  1. Yoga Trainers find this web-based platform extremely useful for scheduling a week-long course or a month-long course worth certification. 
  2. The platform gives you the versatility to work on different course design patterns on whether you want to let members browse the web page over a spread period of time, say a month or two. Else, if members subscribe to browsing content on the live-streaming page every day, the web application supports it all.
  3. The best part about Thinkific is allowing your mail to be integrated with mail champ and other online marketing platforms. 

  1. Packaged tools with the internet domain


If you are on the lookout for a fully integrated software solution that you can embed with video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, here comes the solution, with respect to the same. You have a fully accessible tool namely the Kajabi. This is a learning system that provides online audiences with a multitude of internet-compatible tools. This way, the online database offers a clean and organized user experience for holding up online Yoga classes without any glitches. 

What are the upsides of using Kajabi?

  1. The software supports marketing initiatives to a greater extent. This way, the online yoga trainer can maintain a robust relationship with online community groups.
  2. The integrated software can also support customizable website building.
  3. The software acts as a one-stop-one-shop hub to take care of all your online needs in a seamless manner.

These include providing the subscriber with:

  1. Mailing lists
  2. Providing access to marketing pipelines
  3. Tracking special offers
  4. Keeping a periodic track of student’s performances and their assessments
  5. The software is user-friendly and comes to you with a straightforward design.

  1. Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam is a state-of-the-art live webinar platform you can count upon. You can upload an unlimited number of webinars using this web-based platform. 

The interface can also provide the end-user with other benefits such as:

  1. Payment integration
  2. Messenger boxes that facilitate live chat among students or members of the program
  3. Automated reminders
  4. Facilitates live recordings
  5. Comprises a funding registration page too

What are the benefits of using Webinar Jam?

These are the strategic benefits of using this particular web interface. The list includes:

  1. You do not have external interference from outside noises, people coming in and going out, etc. The tool has an internal soundproof facility that can allow members to have an uninterrupted screening time.
  2. Unlike other video-conferencing apps, this is an interface that can hold a greater number of participants, after all.
  3. The web platform comes to you with a solid registration plan as well as a seamless payment integration.
  4. You have automated recording of events with email reminders too. Hence, you can email class recordings in case a few of your participants miss out on the live classes

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram Live

If you are on the quest to figure out how to become a yoga instructor online, here is a no-fuss manner, by which you can do so. You can record live sessions using Instagram. The best highlight of using this app is that it lets your viewers see the content 24 hours a day. Post 24 hours, the content gets archived. Hence, if any of your members or student participants miss out on your live classes, they can catch up on the Instagram recording during any other part of the day. You can set up your phone on a tripod and continue uploading finesse Yoga or acrobatic poses.

What are the benefits of going Instagram Live?

  1. Instagram Live is a web-based app that is provided to all Facebook and Instagram users absolutely free of charge.
  2. Your viewers can continue to see your live classes 24 hours a day.

  1. Patreon


This is a web-based platform that works similarly to social media. But this is a paid membership plan, for all said and done. The app also allows you to create membership plans for students to view or access your content. You can offer classes using unique styles and go DIY 100 percent. This is a super-customizable app; You can make your pre-recorded classes using varying lengths and styles. You can make your web-based classes available to your web audiences any time of the day or night. 

What are the upsides of using Patreon?

  1. This is a web-based interface that can support Wi-Fi-enabled hub spots like cafes, art galleries, and so on. Apart from online yoga trainers, musicians or artists can also make use of this app in a seamless manner. 
  2. Once you finish your live recordings on Patreon, you can also conveniently upload the video content to third-party platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. 

  1. Union Fit

Union Fit - How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Union fit is a web-based platform wherein you can create your very own version of a virtual yoga hub. The web-based interface allows your students to sign up for online classes. However, the web platform allows time for the online trainers to live stream their sessions. The web-based platform works typically as same as Mind Body, a physical brand of the yoga studio. 

What are the benefits of using Union Fit?

  1. This is a virtual hub that serves as a one-shop-one-stop destination for online yoga trainers to take sessions in a hassle-free manner. 
  2. Using the web-based platform, you can comfortably organize regular classes by allowing students to sign up for monthly subscriptions. The live-streaming app also allows you to facilitate one-off payments from guest lecture students or campaigners online. 

Tips and ideas on transitioning as an online yoga instructor

If you have been a successful yoga Trainer by using your very own yoga studio and are on the verge of transitioning stages of the online mode, these are highlighting points you can get on to:

  • You can use a posh digital camera like Canon or Nikon that streams live recordings of a greater depth. Other posh webcam devices like Sony Cyber-Shot allow movement, precision, and clarity. This way, you can create live recordings in a crystal-clear manner.
  • You must invest in hiring a technical team, especially if you are transitioning to an online mode. You need uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also bank upon a software team that tells you which is the ideal web-based platform or a software integrated database you can use. This way, you can streamline your independent needs or requirements for going online forever. 
  • It is ideal that you go through the pros and cons of the same. Doing a market survey on which is a trustworthy online platform is also something you cannot afford to skip into. 
  • You must talk to your creative team about how you plan to initiate your campaigns. You can go online and then create monthly subscription packages for your students. While some of these apps, allow you to create payment platforms to collect a one-off fee from your subscribers. You can also hook into online marketing initiatives like email marketing or What-app messaging so that you cascade group offers to your members from time to time.


This online guide has clearly highlighted the top 9digitally viable ways how to become a Yoga instructor online. Highlighted tips and ideas have also been provided on how physical-based Yoga trainers can successfully transition to becoming online players.

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