15 Fun Gymnastic Challenges for Beginners

15 Fun Gymnastic Challenges for Beginners

Here comes summer. It is time for young kids and adults to beat the monotony at home. Good sunny weather is the right time to get outdoors. Why not get hands-on with physical fitness exercises like gymnastics? You can keep your body strong and agile, this way. The adrenaline rush and the excitement these fun gymnastics challenges can provide you with can be a mind-boggling experience altogether.

What Are Some of the Popular Gymnastic Activities You Can Have Hands-on To

  1. Handstand challenge

Handstand challenge

Your hands would support your entire body instead of your legs. You place your hands firmly on the ground. You then lift your entire body upwards. This is a fun gymnast move that can improve your blood circulation and build stamina. 

  1. Adventure trail

Adventure trail

To practice fun gymnast moves or stretches, you can organize exciting adventure trails. The coach divides participants into groups of 7 or 8. Again, a gym station is set up for each participant. Within the allocated cubicle, the gymnasts can perform toe touches, butterfly stretches, handstands, and splits. These exercises can be awesome warm-up exercises for gymnast students. 

  1. Jumping rope

Jumping rope

This can be one of the fun gymnastics challenges, you can introduce even to your tiny tots. Jumping rope can help your kid improve his/her endurance. Initially, the kid can start jumping rope for about a minute or two and gradually increase later depending on the kid’s endurance.

  1. Practice via a trampoline

Practice via a trampoline

Whether you are a kid or an adult, a trampoline board can act as a great base to add fun to your regular gymnastic moves. Moves like straddle jumps, split jumps, and pike and tuck jumps can be great to start with.

  1. Using a diving board

Using a diving board

If you are a swimmer, you can use the diving board pretty. These include front or backflips.

  1. Sprints


Sprinting refers to running up the distance until you reach the board. This way, gymnasts build their vault and stamina. 

  1. Russian twist

Russian twist

This is a gymnast move that can help build your endurance to a considerable extent. You can press your core sideways. Then, you can practice squats, lunges, weights, presses, and curls. The rotational twist forms a perfectly poised Russian twist that can prep up your body to perform well in any kind of sport. 

  1. 1-minute plank challenge

This is one of the most common gymnastics challenges for kids as well as adults. The challenge is to remain in a plank position for about 1 minute. This can help improve your blood circulation, and you would also be able to achieve perfect abs.

  1. Leap-the-creek


This is a fun gymnast move aimed at improving your split leaps. You must take two jump ropes. These are spread on the grass, one foot apart from each other. You must jump spaces between the two jump ropes, to land on the other side.

  1. Chalk beam routine

Chalk beam routine

You can draw a chalk beam on a grassy surface. You can practice your gymnast moves on the chalk-beam area. Cartwheels, handstands, leaps, and jumps can be practiced via the chalk beam routine. 

  1. Mother-May-I


Mother-May-I is a fun concept that aims for gymnasts to have fun in a group activity. One person becomes the mother while other players distance themselves from the mother. The first person asks, Mother-May-I and the game requires some bit of action. Using this fun activity, the gymnasts can practice, leaps, jumps, cartwheels, jumps, bear walk, hitch walk, and turns.

  1. Holding up the plank

Holding up the plank

Challenge a family member to hold up the plant for as long as they can. You can practice handstands, pull-ups, push-ups, and other gymnast moves. 

  1. Want to have fun in the water?

Want to have fun in the water?

You can practice a variety of gymnast moves while you splash for a dip at the swimming pool. Backward cum forward rolls, handstands, and back spring rolls are moves that can be practiced underwater. 

  1. Balance beam challenges

Balance beam challenges

The gymnasts can practice a balance beam challenge wherein they have to shift their center of gravity while tossing a bean bag into a bucket or a bowl. This is a gymnast activity that requires concentration and endurance. 

  1. Try strokes in combination

Try strokes in combination

In order to build your metabolic strength or endurance, you can try moves or strokes in combination. You can try a combined version of the handstand challenge that can be camouflaged with a leap jump move. Or you can try your innovative methods of acrobatics by combining moves. 

How Do You Make Gymnastics Fun?

How Do You Make Gymnastics Fun?

In order to make any sport fun or entertaining, you can try:

  • Practicing in groups to get the tension off your muscles.
  • Join a reputed gymnastics school or a short-term training program to get hands-on with even some of the most basic moves. 
  • Take help from your like-minded friends or your own family members to hold planks, placards, etc.
  • Sign up with reputed online community groups to connect with fellow gymnasts.

Try these super fun gymnastic challenges to add up the fun and also improve your physical mobility to a greater extent.

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