What is Gym Lead Generation, And How Does It Work

What is gym lead generation

One of the most difficult things to do when starting a new business, and also the most important, is finding new clients for your gym. Before garnering an authoritative section of the market, your brand will be unrecognizable to potential members. The best-proven method for getting your first few clients is having something to offer in return.

Forbes lists this as the number one way to do so, as consumer psychology recognizes deals and offers when there is a lack of brand association. Lead magnets are the best way to do this, and this goes as far back as the days of our ancestors. A lead magnet, put simply, is offering something of value to attract potential customers, and then subsequently using this attention to close the deal.

What qualities make a great lead magnet

qualities that make a great lead magnet

Lead magnets work best when they meet certain criteria. According to David Rinsley, CEO of the blog marketing academy, an effective lead magnet incorporates all of the following as a checklist:

  • Provides a specific solution for a very well-described and targeted niche.
  • Only promises one big solution, not many small ones.
  • It will immediately gratify the person, and its perceived value is much more than the payment (if any).
  • The lead magnet gives a small taste of what is to come, and your final product or service is the solution.
  • It is provided and consumed in a very short amount of time.

Lead magnets are the first step to building a successful sales funnel. Taking payment, keeping regular contact, scheduling, and offering trials require you to build an entire funnel from scratch. Rather than doing this, having member management software provides a full-service solution. Spark Membership is the best one on the market, and you can start at just $1. Using the above criteria. Below are ten very effective lead generation magnets that will help you attract new clients, whether you are new to the industry, or looking to dominate the space.

10 Gym Lead Generation Magnets That Will Increase Your Membership Acquisition

  1. Beginner class registration

Beginner class registration

You see it everywhere. Every business that advertises via commercial, billboard, digital, or any other media is advertising their services. No one wants to watch a commercial but everyone wants a deal, especially something that will solve their problem. Banks offer sign-on bonuses, restaurants offer free meals, gyms can offer discounted membership or even free gym visits.

  1. Events


These provide a light and fun atmosphere for new, potential and existing clients to have a look at your gym and the culture. When this is combined with food and knowledgeable staff, it creates an atmosphere which not only are people attracted but can be closed much more effectively.

  1. Coupons and referral programs

Coupons and referral programs

If deals are only offered to new members, the rest of your loyal client base may feel underappreciated or may start looking for other gym options. Incorporating coupons and discounts on premium services can be a great upswell to get that member to upgrade to a personal training package. Additionally, creating a referral program can incentivize new members to leave positive reviews and bring new members. Popular rewards are merchandise, gift cards, or even other lead magnets for premium services.

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  1. Recipes


A gym isn’t just a location, it’s a lifestyle. Those who are looking to improve their fitness will also be looking to eat more healthily. Offer a diet cookbook, recipe plan, or social media posts to get more leads in the door.

  1. E-book download

E-book download

One of the most popular lead magnets in any industry is a downloadable e-book. Not only is there an unlimited supply, but the content can also be tailored to lead the client down a happy path of getting informed about their fitness, with your gym as the solution. Free e-books have become notorious around the web, so offering a low-cost book converts better, with $7 being the ideal price for the consumer. Not only can this extra revenue cover some small costs, but it also gets the customers associated with investing in your business, and are more likely to purchase in the future.

  1. Webinar


Free pre-recorded webinars and on-demand webinars can be included in your sales funnel as both lead magnets, and also to close clients with your services. It should be structured like an e-book, but with a much friendlier atmosphere.

  1. Health & nutrition guides

Health & nutrition guides

This can be paired with recipes and cookbooks. Health and nutrition guides show potential clients what foods and exercises they should lean towards for their macronutrient and psycho-somatic needs.

  1. Workouts


  1. Free consultations

Free consultations

This lead magnet favors quality over quantity. Free one-on-one consultations will not seem appealing for those that are just browsing but the ones that come through the door generally are looking for a customized solution to their fitness needs and it will be easier to close and upsell.

  1. Meal plans

Meal plans

Like the above, meal plans can be general or customized. The combination of the two works best. A generalized weight-loss meal plan may bring a large quantity of interested “gym-goers”, and personalized meal plans may bring personal training and group sessions.

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