3 Areas I Focus On to Defy & Define My Time

3 Areas I Focus On to Defy & Define My Time

Mother nature is a formidable opponent, particularly in terms of the use of your time.

No matter how powerful, wealthy, and no matter what the circumstances are time – the power of God is something that we would never conquer. 

In the first half of our lives the time is for us, the second half of our lives the time is against us, and we have to defy time by developing the discipline to make into the second half that time is given to us. 

The only way to do that is to stay healthy and it takes discipline and focus.

Sometimes our motivation is our daily way of life and sometimes we forget the question “what is our motivation?”

Is it for your family?

Is it for your passion?

Is it to accomplish the goal?

Whatever your motivations are find them and make it a priority to defy the time that is given to you – the only way to do that is to be disciplined and focus and live a healthier way of life: mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

In order to be a centered human being you have to be mentally strong, physically strong, and spiritually strong, and as martial artists we have to consistently work on that.

Being physically strong nourishes our self-esteem, and our soul and it allows our minds to be more focused. 

Ask yourself this question, what is it going to take for you to lead a healthier and better version of yourself?

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