The Most Powerful Gesture Given That Is Most Taken for Granted

The Most Powerful Gesture Given That Is Most Taken for Granted

The power of giving is probably the most underestimated.

Human actions are taken for granted.

The act of giving is a display of timing, which is of the essence. Whenever you are given an opportunity to show gratitude at its highest level, give. A lot of people, when they give, they put a price tag on it. And, as I’ve repeatedly stated, cheap is the most expensive.

You guys, being cheap will cost you at least double or triple in the long run. Showing gratitude is the ability to give and the token of giving. Yes, it’s powerful. There are so many ways to give. But if you’re in a position to give, then give. According to the bible, the three kings, the gift they brought; Gaspar, King of Sheba, brought frankincense; Baltasar, King of Egypt, brought myrrh; and Melchior, King of Arabia, brought gold.

The gift of giving is the ultimate sacrifice, and you can’t put a price tag on it. Especially if you have been given the gift. That’s priceless. And don’t forget about the people that helped you to accomplish what you are. And gift, gift, gift, and if it means a token that costs more than you’ve given before, you’d have to think twice about it. You’re just not there yet.

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