How to Increase Booking Trials and Show Ups

How to Increase Booking Trials and Show Ups

This is a very powerful technique to increase your lead appointments and show-ups. It’s basically changing the mindset of the other person that you are talking to on the phone. Because one of the things that you should be doing is I hope you have a system set up where when you get leads, you instantly call them.

A matter of fact, according to statistics, five minutes is crucial for contacting a lead as soon as you get them. And I also hope you have it somewhat automated. If you are part of the mighty Spark Nation, and if you are a Sparktan, you can do this in your Spark.

What’s a very powerful, powerful contact is that the first initial communication, so when you do call them, or you’re doing follow-up calls, and you do get in contact with them, because the most important thing is that you have to know, and of course, your staff has to know that you live and die to follow up. So you have to follow up on leads that booked an appointment that didn’t show. You have to follow up on shown leads that did not enroll.

You have to follow up with at least that have enrolled and that have not shown up for the class. There are different stages of the leads. And that’s why the follow-up is so crucial. Not only that, if you have an upgrade system in your school, you have to do the same thing.

One of the things I want you to stay away from is using the word “appointment“, we’re going to completely eliminate that word. Here’s why you need to thoroughly think about it. An appointment is such an obligational word. And these days, in my opinion, the word appointment it’s just not powerful anymore.

What you want to do is you want to kind of reverse and put the other call, put the person you’re talking to on a different mindset. So when you call them, say, “Hey, thanks for inquiring, you want this information, you get information, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” And then boom, we are booked fully or we are committed fully for the next several days.

Several days seems like a lot but in reality, you know, several days are like two days or more. But when you say “We are fully booked for the next several days, but we do have some availability openings.” Don’t use the word appointment. “Following week, let me see, I have on Monday and Tuesdays and you don’t want… I see a cancellation that we’ve had for tomorrow at 6 pm, do you want to take that spot since it’s open or the other choices?

By doing this, you immediately flip, because people always want what is taken half. I’ll give you a perfect example. We’re in St. Thomas and pull to limit Colton Lehmann, our pit bull. Our processing for processing company, is a merchant credit card processing company for Spark. He came out to Mr. Ron Sell’s birthday, but his wife is pregnant. So he came in and out. He came in, like the beginning of the day. Stayed one night, and he left.

So it was a short period of time. And then he texts a message. Master Ron Sell and I, “Hey, what’s going on?” He replied, “I got the fear of FOMO. Okay, I got that FOMO going on.” I was like, “FOMO FOMO. What’s that?” And then, and then he said, “Oh, fear of missing out. So another story. I remember, you know, my nephew, I remember going to their house and seeing this toy at the corner of the room. And then I remember going back shortly after a few days later, several days later, and there their friends are over, playing. And their toy is in the same area and one of his friends goes over and grabs a toy. And my nephew’s one, “Hey, that’s mine.” It was the fear of losing. And also, let me ask you remember, back in the day, in the club, where is the place inside the club, everybody wanted to go? The VIP room, the roped-off room with a big boss sitting there. And you see the people with the tables, right?”

People always want what they cannot have. That’s just, you know, natural psychology. So the takeaway is a very powerful technique. And it works. I mean, what if I want my daughter to like, do something or eat something? And salsa? You don’t want to eat this? Okay, fine. I’m going to eat it on as soon as I go, Oh, she goes, “No.”, and she grabs it and puts it in her mouth. Okay, FOMO, right. Fear Of Missing Out.

Using these techniques or the use of power phrases, it’ll make a big difference. Plus, it also, you know, gets a mindset of like begging them to set an appointment. “Ohhh, let me just pencil you in just in case you can make it.” it is just very simple. After you get to a point you set an appointment. “Oh, we’re, we’re fully committed. We’re fully booked for the next several days. But let me see if I have some openings next week.” “You know, next week, I do have like a Monday or a Wednesday, or let me see you don’t want.” “Oh, look like I had a cancellation this Friday.”And he always said like, a couple of days later, Or if you want, you gotta say, “You know, what, we have also seen cancellation we have today, cancellation at four o’clock. ” “So I do have a spot open today for if you want to take you to know, take that spot.” So sometimes don’t grab it. Tickets are available. And you created that, that fear of FOMO that you created that the takeaway.

Even when I do upgrades in the end it did like go home thing, they should remember one of the most important things at any conference, whatever the objection they give, you always agree with them. Sure, go home. Think about it. Look over your budget. But if you get extended a courtesy by the next class of letting me know if you want to have tom, okay be part of our Blackboard apprenticeship program, because we only allow a certain amount of students and if you decide not to enroll tom, which is totally fine. So that way we can pass tom spot to the next child on our list.

So that also, you know, creates urgency. Urgency is also another powerful marketing technique. That’s why Black Friday only comes once a year right? and after that, it’s gone. So bills that you know, the time, the expiration, and the urgency. So integrating these simple techniques into your membership enrollment process into your lead appointment process, and your follow-up process, it creates a higher level of return.

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