Halloween Fitness: 7 Best Tips For Your Gym


When thinking about your fitness center, Halloween may not seem very synonymous with fitness. On the contrary, Halloween is close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are usually the times people gain weight due to eating more. You will have more attendance on Halloween than on these other family-oriented holidays, so it is important to prepare your gym the right way. Remember that holidays, no matter how unrelated they may seem, put people in a better mood, and are more accepting of deals and promotions.

The 7 Best Ideas to Transform Your Gym During the Halloween Season

  1. Decor


No one wants to ever be the odd one out, and members will start to question why your facility isn’t decorated. The joy and happiness of Halloween often stem back to childhood, of putting on a costume and going trick or treating. The best houses were the ones that got into the spirit and made their house as “spooky” as possible. Fake spider webs, pumpkins, witches, and other goblins and ghouls go a long way to entertaining prospects and current members alike. Even if you do not agree with decorations in a gym, most of your clientele will feel alienated and may not attend during this season.

  1. Costume Contests

Costume contests

It is a great start for you and your staff to wear costumes on this day. However, other than the novelty of seeing the team walk around in costume, the feeling will fade fast. To stand out, encourage your members to wear their costumes to the gym on Halloween as well. Although this may not seem like a great idea at first due to the nature of workouts, costume contests are extremely popular ways that incentivize people to attend and dress up.

The power of costume contests is that they can be incorporated into your current classes, and you can draw a winner as often as you’d like. This builds a sense of culture amongst your community, as your members may not have expected to have such a fun activity at their gym of all places. This also sets up an opportunity for referrals and social media posts, which will increase your brand recognition, retention, and sign-up rates.

  1. Halloween Themed Workouts

Halloween Themed Workouts

Halloween is an opportunity to become someone other than yourself, and your members can embrace this no different from other organizations. Halloween fitness workouts and challenges are extremely effective in encouraging members to start or participate in your current subscription and class environment. Set up Halloween challenges beforehand, such as a 30-day challenge on October first, so that Halloween day can be more of a rewarding experience and a time for celebration. Halloween workouts include pumpkin smashing, “spooky” skull crushers, “spider” squats, and your cardio classes could incorporate popular music such as Thriller and Monster Mash.

  1. Treats


Everyone on Halloween will expect treats – and the gym is no exception. Instead of making this a fun-filled day of candy and sugar, you can use this time to promote your club with merchandise and promotional bags and items. You may also have your own in-house juice bar or protein station, so thermos bottles, protein bars, and small smoothie shots would be great alternatives to candy. You can also use this time to encourage members to bring a friend to trick or treat, and then take the opportunity to offer them a trial of your gym at a later date.

  1. Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies

Your cardio section, free weight zone, and bodyweight training area are all large spaces that often already have a TV playing the news. If not, you could always roll out a TV cart to play classic Halloween or spooky movies, but be careful not to play any horror or psychological thrillers. This is a great way to entertain your members and promote awareness of the entire Halloween-themed aspect of your club.

  1. Halloween Music

Halloween Music

Although mentioned in the costume contest classes above, music is not just for cardio-intensive exercises. A large number of members may take their headphones or earbuds out during this time if your facility is playing classic Halloween hits. This is also good for your members that just like to come in and ignore what’s happening around them, as it will get them into the Halloween spirit and aware of all the activities and promotions your gym has to offer.

  1. Halloween Fitness Deals and Promotions

With everything mentioned above, such as referrals, classes, and handing out merchandise, Halloween is a time to give and receive. Pair these activities with deals, such as new member sign-up rates when guests come to trick or treat, and schedule live training or demo tours of your facility. Offer promotional pricing or free merchandise with sign-up and subscription extension. Don’t forget to have a proper gym management solution, one that can schedule your new members, re-target the interested leads, send out notifications and emails about upcoming classes and promotions, take payment, and coordinate staff on everything that is occurring. Spark Membership is the best-rated solution on the market.