Tips on Increasing Your Child’s Attention Span

Increasing Your Child's Attention Span

The ability to pay attention to one thing for a long period of time. 

The biggest challenge facing and making it difficult to stay focused is the screen. 

Not just one screen, at least half a dozen of screens. 

Imagine half a dozen of screens our children are looking at – laptops, iPad, phones just to name a few.

And each screen is fighting for our children’s attention, not to mention a young child’s mind their attention span is already short to begin with, meaning the screens if they don’t capture the attention of our child, the kids move on.

Children are pleasure seekers, so this behavior with the screen is naturally building a lack of focus and attention span.

How do we help our children develop the mindset of staying focused for a long period of time?

We have to expose them to a thought process action, something that they can visually see, pay attention to, a process in their mind, then physically they can take action.

That process has been done repeatedly, it has been done where they’re progressing towards progress just by getting their attention span and getting their minds to focus on what they can do physically and when they are able to do it or they become better over time it makes them feel good because it’s a sense of accomplishment.

That is the core foundation of building a strong character. 

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