Staff Meeting Checklist

Staff Meeting Checklist

Having a staff meeting is an important part of running a business, and having a checklist to follow can ensure that all important points are covered during the meeting. In this article, we will go over a comprehensive staff meeting checklist that covers various aspects of your business operations, including statistics, student management, promotions, and postcards. This checklist will help you ensure that your staff meeting is productive, efficient, and focused on achieving your business goals.

  1. Statistics

Key performance indicator

The first item on the staff meeting checklist is to review the statistics of your business. This includes looking at key performance indicators (KPIs), such as weekly enrollment stats, weekly attendance stats, and upgrades. By reviewing these statistics, you can get a clear picture of how your business is performing and identify areas where improvements can be made.

  1. Appointments


The next item on the staff meeting checklist is to check the appointment status. This includes reviewing the number of appointments booked, confirmed, and upcoming prospects. This will give you a clear idea of how many people are interested in your services and what you need to do to attract more prospects.

  1. Admin


The admin section of the staff meeting checklist is an important part of ensuring that your business runs smoothly. This includes reviewing tuition, delinquencies, and in-house payments. By reviewing this information, you can identify any problems with your billing and payment processes and take action to resolve them.

  1. Trial Students

The next item on the staff meeting checklist is to review the trial students. This includes reviewing active and pending students and checking the status of student referrals. By doing this, you can identify opportunities to promote your business and attract more students.

💡 Empower your trial students by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. A thorough staff meeting checklist can ensure that everyone is on the same page, helping to create a positive and productive learning environment for all.

  1. Upgrades or Renew Students

The next item on the staff meeting checklist is to review upgrades or renew students. This includes checking the pending status and upcoming upgrade dates for student management. By doing this, you can identify students who may be interested in upgrading their membership and take action to retain them.

  1. Student Attendance

The next item on the staff meeting checklist is to review student attendance. This includes checking the attendance of all students and monitoring their attendance habits. By doing this, you can identify students who may be struggling to attend classes regularly and take action to address this issue.

  1. Student Card Management

The next item on the staff meeting checklist is to review student card management. This includes checking the student attendance cards and making sure that the student management work is being done properly. By doing this, you can identify areas where improvements can be made and take action to resolve any issues.

💡 Efficient Student Card Management is the key to streamlining your school’s operations and ensuring seamless communication between staff and students. By integrating it into your staff meeting checklist, you’ll be able to stay on top of important details and provide top-notch service to your students.

  1. Postcards

The final item on the staff meeting checklist is to review postcards. This includes sending postcards to students who have attended a certain number of classes and sending get-well cards to students who are sick. By doing this, you can show your students that you care about their well-being and encourage them to attend more classes.


In conclusion, having a comprehensive staff meeting checklist is essential for ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. By covering all the important aspects of your business operations, you can make the most of your staff meetings and take your business to the next level. Remember, a positive attitude and good energy are key to having a productive and successful staff meeting.

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What Are People Looking For in Online Fitness Classes?

what are people looking for in online fitness classes

It is no secret that the world has shifted entirely. Online classes have existed, but due to the pandemic, they have surged in popularity. Not only has demand increased for these types of classes, but they are also essential for service-based businesses to remain viable due to uncertain business closures and stringent regulations. Regardless of the reason, one thing is for certain, online classes are here to stay and will need to be optimized and adapted for your fitness club to thrive. Below we will talk about the benefits, and ultimately, What are people looking for in online fitness classes.

Benefits of Hosting Online Fitness Classes

To answer the question of what are people looking for in online fitness classes? Let’s first take a look at some of the great things this model has to offer.

  • Accessibility – This refers to both instructor and client alike. Being location-agnostic means that instructors can work from anywhere and set up their schedules much more easily since they aren’t in transit between classes. It also keeps their energy going from workout to workout. Clients will also love this as they can book during their lunch hour, or even throughout the workday, rather than the traditional approach of weekends or before and after work.
  • Flexibility – with great accessibility comes great flexibility of schedule – the ability to be location agnostic for both the client and the instructor means that more time slots can be opened up and there will be more clarity in scheduling.
  • Personalized support – Personal trainers are a staple of fitness clubs. Clients will always be looking for private one-on-one coaching to improve their health, nutrition, strength, or training. For some, this comes into contention when the problem becomes luxury vs necessity, as it may be more expensive. Through online classes, personal trainers can reduce their overhead and schedule convenient hours to accommodate more private classes.
  • Ease of communication – This refers to communication with the client, communication with your staff, and the contact you have with members and potential candidates. Spark Membership has the best member management software on the market, where you can book your time schedules, market/remarket to your clients, and manage your staff. This is the clarity in your messages and increases follow-up potential.
  • Affordability – Online fitness classes are a model that can be monetized in different ways, from pay-per-class to a subscription-based method for several classes, and also online videos and training. Adopting this digital model brings affordability, as clients have more options to choose from that suit their budget. It is also more affordable for the staff and owner, as there is very little overhead in an online class compared to a full-service gym.
  • Reach – Online classes bring an extended reach, as you may accommodate any number of clients throughout the day and will have a full schedule. Of course, there are no physical capacity limits that restrict you, but there may be a bandwidth limit to your internet. We will go over this point more in the digital equipment section below.
  • Stability – Adopting an online fitness model provides a stable and long-term solution for reliable profits. According to Forbes, Digital training is here to stay, and will likely continue to do so after the pandemic has been phased out entirely, as the world will remain more remote than before.
  • Content – When hosting your fitness classes online, what you do once you can monetize several times. Record your sessions to create marketing tools, training videos, social media content, personal training packages, and a formulated routine.

Setting up Online Fitness Classes

Setting up Online Fitness Classes
  • Marketing – Get the word out and give people an offer they can’t refuse. Post engaging content on social media platforms, host physical and online events, offer trials and exclusive deals and set up a referral system. Secret life hack: Spark Membership does all this for you, and provides member management, staff management, billing, and point of sale, starting at just $1
  • Class preparation- Schedule the blocks in your calendar properly and send reminders ahead of time. Before your meeting, make sure your client is aware of the curriculum, and prepare a routine that is diverse and can be followed until the plateau. Change as required.
  • Equipment Checklist – This refers to both the trainer and the client, ensuring that the proper equipment for the workout is on hand. For example, If this is a stretching or yoga session, check that a mat is available. Remember to have a plan B in case the client does not have any equipment, suggest or recommend items for the next workout and explain the benefits.
  • Digital Checklist – Video stuttering and not being able to accommodate capacity limits is both unprofessional and profit restrictive. Invest in the best digital packages that include: unlimited bandwidth, high-speed internet, a high-quality microphone/camera, and proper lighting. Due to the switch to work from home, check with your local guidelines if there are any internet-based credits you can receive for you and your staff to upgrade your hardware and software.

For a successful online fitness business, leverage the benefits of accessibility, flexibility, personalized support, and more with online classes. Use Spark Membership Software for efficient scheduling, member management, and marketing. Don’t forget to check out our blog, “How To Make An Online Fitness Program,” for practical insights and strategies. Make the most of digital opportunities to enhance your fitness club’s offerings and thrive in the online space.