Powering Forward

Powering Forward apprenticeship program

As a martial artist, everything that you want to accomplish is on the floor – it is where you’re going to make the most impact and the area where you’re going to develop relationships and take it into a level of the bond.

Bond is trust and inspiration.

Creating a culture of power, inspiration, and relationships – a purposeful culture with the goal in mind that it takes a certain period of time to achieve and you’re going to be a mentor for your students to accomplish the goal that will impact who they become in the future.

This is what every parent invests in their child. 

If you show parents the science behind how you can increase those odds – that’s why in a school they’re not scared in investing into our apprenticeship program and making them commit and see to it that they’ll achieve that goal. 

The upgrade in your school is something that you have to build a culture of by doing the following:

  1. Emotional value
  2. Tangible value – meaning they can clearly see the benefits of being in the blackbelt apprenticeship program.

When the student first comes into your school, explain to them that you’re a black belt school – apprenticeship program, to which the students will be having a sense of accomplishment that is going to impact their well-being and that becomes a blackbelt. 

We also have to make sure that the parents also have the same philosophy and beliefs.

Bear in mind that you are running an academy. Academy has a set of principles, values, and students’ creed. 

Enroll your students in an evaluation program and when the student achieves the first goal which is a yellow belt, you will evaluate their progress, then set up a parent-teacher conference to discuss his future in your school. 

I hope you find this guide helpful. 

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