What Is Your Algorithm?

Understanding algorithm makes a whole lot of difference in business, especially in digital marketing.

The algorithm dictates productivity even though we are not created the same genetically. 

You have to understand what type of algorithm you have because that determines your level of productivity and the ability to get things done. 

For example, my algorithm is ADHD, I thrive in chaos, my world is completely organized, and I thrive on multi-tasking.

Some people cannot multi-task; they need to do one thing at a time.

Therefore, don’t be something like you’ve never built that way because we often want to duplicate and replicate, but you have to make sure that what you duplicate and replicate is aligned with your culture and with your algorithm.

Reinventing the wheel is not something we recommend doing but staying with the realm of that is very important. 

Constantly be evolving and understanding what will work for you and not to be something you are not. 

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