Summer Retention Strategies

Make your summer grow and thrive. We understand the pain that some school owners have been through knowing half of their students left and go on vacation and the other half are lazy and want to do other things. Do these strategies so you can’t have a poor summer cash flow.

  1. Change your curriculum

Do a theme week where you can announce in advance to get the excitement going, and they have something to look forward to. 

  1. Everytime they get to class and participate at a high level, you’ll give them a ticket

It will increase retention that will make them show up more in classes and execute their best in the class. It’s also a reminder for them that they are doing something positive. 

  1. Utilizing software such as Spark Membership

Spark membership has a feature where you can promote your summer activity in the student app that can save you a lot of time and put in automation.

  1. Offer upgrades before summer camps

Other than that, you can also offer an upgrade to your students before the summer camp – if they upgrade to a high-level program, they’ll get a free camp.

Many schools have generated more income during summer because they’ve made the switch. If you add 3 to 4 one-week camps, you will get extra revenue from that. Every school reaches out to students in their community, so as a martial arts instructor and a school owner, you’re helping them change their lives. We have to create a better experience for them and, at the same time, embrace innovation.

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