Month to Month or Contracts?

As a school owner are you confused about which one to follow – would it be doing month-to-month programs or contracts?

There’s no right or wrong in which one to follow but the goal here is to make your student commit. 

You start someone with a very low commitment because they don’t know you, they don’t trust you and they still don’t know yet how amazing you are as an instructor, they don’t know how much you’ve changed people’s lives with the same issues that they have right now. 

Some people are fearful that they are going to pick the wrong school and can’t afford it. As a martial artist you have things to do the following:

  1. Lower their fear, apprehension, and guard and your job as a martial artist is to make them comfortable by giving them a free lesson or trial by letting them see the benefits. It’s our job to inspire them to learn instead of forcing them to commit.
  1. Sit with them halfway through the program and ask the student if they are ready for a bigger commitment and expounding the benefit they’ll be getting from it. 

Whether they do it month to month program or contract basis it doesn’t keep the students around, and what keeps them is by inspiring them to make a commitment and sticking with it. A contract alone doesn’t make them fully commit.

Even if you’re doing the month-to-month program, you got to let them experience the commitment by communicating that their commitment is powerful for them in a long term. 

As a martial artist, you have to express, inspire, teach and explain what are they going to get from your program if they stick around and the more benefit they’ll be getting. 

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