First Six Classes Are Crucial to the Success of Your New Members

The first classes that we have with our new students are very crucial.

When they join our program we move them into the orientation phase by orienting them on how we do inside our school and we conduct orientation classes.

The class is only half an hour, and the goal is to simply get to the class by learning the basics and build upon it for the next classes and then add the curriculum that is being taught in class.

The reason for this is when you put them in a regular class, you want them to feel comfortable and you want them to know what the other students are doing in the class.

By the time the new student graduates from the orientation program, they will walk into the white belt regular class with confidence, they know what they are doing, we hand-held them in the orientation class. 

It will be an easy transition for them. If you don’t do orientation classes for your new students, what will happen is the new students will feel left out or worse feel bad, they’ll feel forced to do something that they don’t understand.

But if you have the first six classes exclusive for orientation classes, you will take them from knowing nothing to making them jump into a normal class so they can succeed in your program. 

This is absolutely crucial for success not just for your school but also for your new students by making them better students, keeping them longer and they’ll feel comfortable and confident in your program which leads to long-term success for the both of you. 

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