Multi Personality Disorder: How It Affects My Everyday Life

Multi Personality Disorder: How It Affects My Everyday Life

I want to make a confession: multiple personality confession. Yes, I have multiple personalities. And so should you.

Here’s why: We, as human beings and individuals, operate on a subconscious level. How we talk, how we do things, how we move, and how we process our thoughts. It’s all subconscious, meaning it’s done in a manner where it’s not something you think about consciously.

Therefore, how we are built is how we express ourselves. But to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner, you’ll have a lot of construction going on here. You have to have multiple personalities. And you have to have the discipline to turn on and off those personalities.

You know, for example, we meet people that are just so nice and kind. But in the business world, that only goes so far. But if you’re too aggressive, too overpowering, that can only go so far. So you have to know when to turn on these attributes when you’re at work, when you’re at home, and you have to have the focus to use that personality to your advantage. So, I want you to think about your general personality and how that personality impacts your work. And there’s a powerful union factor. And there’s also the other Yang factor, which sometimes gets the best of you.

You know, you should have been a little bit more assertive, maybe you should have been more forward, maybe you should have been a little bit more direct or not. So, vice versa. Being consciously aware of this attribute by yourself can make a huge difference. Because you have to have rules and regulations, what you will accept and not accept in your life, in your business life, and in other areas as well.

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