Martial Arts As A Career

Career day is a great opportunity and shows them what true martial arts teachers are all about.

Often, the school systems think that martial arts are violent and it’s going to wild things up, but in the past, it had been the way. 

Three goals in mind when walking into school talks

  1. We want the teacher to fall in love with my presentation

Going to talk about respect, focus, discipline, and setting goals. We also want to create a bridge that explains how kids can use focus, respect, confidence, and discipline in school. The intention is to paint a picture to the faculty members we care about students. 

  1. Make your student a hero for all of the kids

We want the teacher and student to realize how exceptional your student is. Treating them as a VIP and that they are super special. . It’s going to build their confidence and make them bully-proof.

  1. By the end of the school talk, ask the teacher how did he/she like the presentation

Ask them if it’s good if the kids benefit from it. And ask them if do they know another classroom that would love to invite us and would love our message. 

This is a great opportunity to change lives for kids and make an impact on them by your articulating the benefits they will get when they do martial arts.

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