What Do Leaders Do in Times of Crisis?

Some people when a crisis happens will freeze and don’t move. If there’s danger, their brain can’t comprehend it, so they do nothing and allow the crisis to overcome them with fear.

Here’s my question to you, what do the leaders do, do we become victims? I don’t think so.

As a leader, we need to stand up. And you as a martial arts instructor, have been trained to be a leader and an instructor all of your life. Be the leader who directs the people who are fearful, what we can do is to take our minds off the fear and victimhood then turn our brains and our emotions and actions towards victory. 

We provide training to our students without putting them in danger.

We provide guidance to students who feel lost and confused.

When people are afraid, they need leadership and people that are going to help them.

The energy of the people being fearful and aggressive can make your muscles tense and as martial arts instructors, we help them stay relaxed under the most stressful conditions. 

As a leader, we serve with great honor, discipline, and dedication to take risks for the survival of others. 

Second Most Powerful Human Emotion That Drives Us

This is an important mindset has really helped the Top 1% of School Owners.

Every action starts with a thought and it’s important to understand it a lot of people don’t do is control the thought and the result that they desire. 

For example, you have to have a mindset of greatness, you have to put your mind in a thought pattern of accomplishing greatness, being self-assured that you are destined for greatness, that no matter how difficult or challenging it can you are always having this kind of mindset – I am destined for greatness.

This can also allow you to expand your vision, and it’s important to have this kind of thought pattern.

You are the only individual that can make your destiny come true. No matter how much people believe in you, the most important person that you believe in is yourself, and sometimes our doubts and insecurities discourage us.

If ever you fail, take it as an opportunity to do better next time when you try, also you can become more knowledgable when you’re making mistakes. 

So don’t be afraid to take action, even if sometimes you don’t know what you are doing, that initiative will allow you to learn that will take you to the next steps. 

Having this thought pattern can make all the difference in where you’re headed and where you can be. 

How Much Do You Enforce and Reinforce?

Success is the least important thing.

You and what you have become, the individual you have to carve yourself to be that success you are dreaming about.

The character traits that go along with it – the focus, the discipline, the consistency, the indomitable spirit, the willingness to get up 1000x times if you fail a hundred times. 

We don’t believe in forcing people into what they don’t want to do but we have to discipline ourselves and force, reinforced, and enforced what’s in our best interest. That is one of the most challenging stages of being a successful person.

That is one of the most challenging stages of being a successful person.

It is not codependency, the latest technology is not the answer but the core values that lie within yourself. 

Discover it, find it and become successful. 

The Spark Success System

This is a pattern that has been happening to school owners that are resulting in massive success – school owners that are doubling their income. 

Success is multiple ingredients bringing it all together. 

If you are a school owner who is still standing today there’s no reason why you should be thriving, but in order to thrive we have to understand the certain tools that we need:

  1. Technology

you have to have high functioning CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it will make your life easier. 

  1. Digital marketing

As a business owner, you need to understand the algorithms. It requires a certain level of knowledge of how to do digital marketing. Because of the pandemic, the traffic in the online space has exploded and as a business owner you have to hold a huge banner to spread awareness about martial arts, and it requires expertise.

  1. Website and marketing (email & SMS) campaign

At SPARK we use the SPARK IGNITE, which creates a lead-generating website. And when leads visit your website and social media pages SPARK IGNITES help retarget the lead by offering them the following 8 stages: freebie, send them an appointment, show up, enroll in the school, we want them to attend, if they attended we ask them for referral and lastly upgrade. 

These stages require different content. You want to maintain the relationship with your leads through technology such as SPARK Software.

You have to understand that you need these tools in your school to reach your school’s potential. I hope you find this useful and use it to your advantage.

Staff Management Mindset

One of the most important areas, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, is staff management. 

Staff management is the essence of having a successful school, without having a staff we cannot have hundreds of students.

One of the natural tendencies that school owners do is critical thinking.

Critical thinking gives the ability to analyze and see areas of improvement that are needed.

It’s mostly done by the business owner, but one of the most important things you have to be very careful about is not taking critical thinking into criticism delivery because how we able to see things from a critical point of view – analyzing performance, analyzing key weaknesses are not the ways that your staff sometimes thinks. 

In your staff’s eyes, they are doing their very best, and sometimes when we deliver our critical thinking it can be taken as criticism. 

It is one of the most powerful things we have to do as leaders and as school owners. Our critical thinking allows us to consistently focus on our weaknesses and strengthen them. But we have to gather that strength with our team members because sometimes lifting the heavyweight is impossible to do with one person. 

A Reminder You Should Keep In Mind As A Martial Arts Leader

A powerful reminder that you need to keep in mind as a martial arts leader.

This reminder is constantly being in the mindset and the awareness of ‘WHY’.

The why of people around you and your school.

The why is a powerful motivation for people to take action and the most important ‘why’ that you need to stay focused on is pain.

Every single one of your students has a reason why they are coming to your academy. 

The more you understand their pain and why, the better your job is serving them.

If you can go to their parents, you will know the deeper and find out their core detailed reason for what their children are experiencing.

If you constantly serving your students why you are the solution to the pain that they are experiencing, you will make a huge difference in their lives, that should be the main purpose of your academy. 

Therefore, I employ all of you to stay in that mindset – that you are there to serve and help them overcome the pain they are experiencing and that you are the solution that can empower them.

This is the sole purpose of a martial artist – you want to help your community in this way. 

I also want to remind you that you’re in the business of self-improvement and you’re using martial arts as a tool to instill the values. 

In order to do that, you need to stay in alignment with the pains they are experiencing and your academy is the solution. 

Success Is Not What’s It’s Played Out to Be

Success is not what everybody paints it out to be.

Some are blessed and grateful to have achieved an amount of success at such an early age. 

During our younger years, we tell ourselves that by the age of 30 we are going to be wealthy.

The most difficult part of success is maintaining it.

Maintaining success is much more challenging than getting to success. Maintaining success is another ballgame. 

Successful individuals paint us a picture of the life they have especially on their social media pages. 

Whatever industry leaders and marketing gurus – flashing out their cash, cars, and hanging out. 

That’s not what success is all about.

Success is the ability to maintain focus, discipline, consistency, effort combined with evolution and innovation through technology. 

Success is challenging, it will test you, having multiple school business owners there will be constant problems coming up all the time.

Make sure that each one of you is evolving and maintaining success. 

How Do You Handle Student Drop and Objections

One thing that school owners hate is dropouts – when students are quitting. 

We as martial artists know how it empowers a child practicing martial arts but it is our job to consistently relay that message.

Do this by doing reverse psychology.

One of the best ways to convince and persuade people is by not telling them why they should do that, but the other way around. 

What was their reason (their why), their purpose, and finding out their pain. 

When the student wants to quit, I’d tell the parents, “I’m happy to hear that he wants to quit martial arts” and the parent would then ask why.

He has to develop through events and experiences that happened throughout his lifetime. 

We have to give him a sense of accomplishment, we have to increase his self-worth and self-confidence for him to be a motivated person. 

If the reason for enrolling is to boost confidence, motivation and be more focused and it’s not showing in his performance, then it’s not going to happen overnight. 

It has to happen through commitment. 

Talk to the student and give them the reinforcement that they need.

Remember, sooner or later every single one of your students is going to quit and stop doing it, especially the child.

But you, as a martial artist, it’s your responsibility to reinforce and be united with people that can impact them, especially their parents. 

Mind Hack for Success

The most powerful tool that we have as human beings is our minds. 

The most powerful part of our mind is the subconscious. Our subconscious mind operates on a subliminal level, it creates its own pattern of thought process which leads to action and becomes a habit if you are not conscious of it. 

That stands for our growth, it can also hold us back from being successful. 

You have to be consciously aware of how and where your current mindset is so that way you can start positioning yourself from success. 

When we start our thought process and start honing on it, solutions start coming and when we start searching for answers by being persistent and relentless we will achieve what we want to get. 

By focusing on the conscious level and not allowing my subconscious mind to take control and never do things on a subliminal level. 

Be constantly laser-focused in your environment, surroundings, and thought process.

Don’t be a hamster that is constantly running in a wheel and digging for a result. 

Be on a mindset of jumping out from the wheel and asking what are you going to do differently – how are you going to change your way of thinking, your mindset on how you can become successful and get to where you want to get. 

Take advantage of modern technology, be resourceful as it can save a lot of your time. 

Looking for the Cheapest Is the Most Expensive

One of the things that a lot of business owners do is to save which is a very important business owner characteristic trait to have.

But in the long run, it can have an adverse effect which can cost you more money and time.

One of the most important attributes you must have as a business owner is not looking to save or looking for the least expensive.

You have to look for the value. 

You have to make a decision on value rather than the price tag.

When you are looking at something for your school, don’t get the cheapest one because in the long run cheap is expensive – it doesn’t have the quality, the craftsmanship, and the longevity. 

The higher price you pay, the higher value you get in return is much greater. 

You could have bought cheaper but the value is nowhere equal if you paid a little bit higher quality. 

It’s very important to understand that investing a little bit more of your dollar into a higher caliber product, service, or software you have to look at the return of value. 

Make a decision for value and always look for the higher quality of products, it may cost you a lot of money but in the long run, your return on investment is going to be greater.